Beyond Science Fiction: 15 Mind-Blowing Medical Device Startups in Ontario!

Ontario, Canada, is home to a thriving ecosystem of medical device startups that are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. These innovative companies are harnessing cutting-edge technology and creativity to address various medical challenges and improve patient outcomes. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 exciting medical device startups in Ontario, Canada.

Able Innovations

Able Innovations is focused on developing robotic medical devices to address the painful and inefficient process of patient transfer in healthcare settings. By leveraging computer vision and robotics, Able Innovations aims to enhance patient care and comfort during transfers.


Lilia is a home fertility startup that serves as an egg securing concierge for busy individuals who want the option of having kids later in life. Their platform provides convenience and guidance for fertility preservation, empowering people to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Oncoustics AI

Oncoustics AI applies artificial intelligence to raw ultrasound signals for low-cost diagnostics and treatment monitoring of structural diseases. By harnessing the power of AI, they aim to improve disease detection and provide more effective treatment options.

Cosm Medical

Cosm Medical focuses on digital urogynecology and aims to commercialize the world’s first Gynethotic for pelvic floor disorders. Their innovative medical device promises to revolutionize the treatment of pelvic floor issues for better patient outcomes.

AtomVie Global Radiopharma

AtomVie Global Radiopharma is a global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) specializing in medical devices. Their expertise in manufacturing ensures the efficient and high-quality production of medical devices.


myCaribou is a digital platform that facilitates partnerships between manufacturers and distributors in the medical device industry. With a vast network spanning over 150 countries, myCaribou streamlines collaboration and empowers businesses to thrive.

Hyivy Health

Hyivy Health offers a pelvic rehabilitation device with trackable data for women recovering from pelvic diseases and surgeries. By providing personalized data-driven rehabilitation, they aim to improve the recovery process and enhance overall pelvic health.

NuGen Medical Devices

NuGen Medical Devices focuses on developing needle-free technologies and medical delivery products. Their innovative solutions aim to make medical procedures less invasive and more patient-friendly.


Cohesys specializes in developing novel biocompatible adhesives for surgical applications. These adhesives have the potential to transform surgical procedures, leading to faster healing and improved patient outcomes.

A.I. VALI Inc.

A.I. VALI Inc. offers an artificial intelligence platform that enables early disease detection and drug development. By leveraging machine learning and AI, they strive to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry’s diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

Launchit Ventures

Launchit Ventures is a healthtech venture studio committed to improving people’s well-being through innovation. As an ethical B-Corp, they create new healthtech ventures, including electronic health record (EHR) solutions and pharmaceutical innovations.

Revolve Surgical

Revolve Surgical is dedicated to developing surgical robotics for use in operating rooms. Their advanced robotics technology aims to enhance surgical precision and improve patient outcomes.

Inolife Sciences

Inolife Sciences is an emerging specialty medical device company with ambitious goals in biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. They are actively working towards addressing critical medical challenges with their innovative solutions.


ClearVoxel is creating a human-in-the-loop platform to aid radiologists in diagnosing patients more quickly and accurately using AI. By combining human expertise with AI capabilities, ClearVoxel is revolutionizing medical diagnostics.


smartARM is democratizing bionic hands for upper limb amputees by leveraging artificial intelligence and 3D printing advancements. Their innovative approach aims to provide affordable and functional prosthetic solutions.


Ontario, Canada, is a hotbed of innovation in the medical device industry. The startups mentioned above showcase the region’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology to improve healthcare outcomes. From robotics and AI to 3D printing and biotechnology, these companies are addressing diverse medical challenges with creative and impactful solutions. As they continue to grow and evolve, they hold the promise of transforming the healthcare landscape not only in Canada but also globally.

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