Breaking Boundaries: 15 Vancouver App Startups on the Rise!

Discover the Thriving App Startup Ecosystem in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia, has earned its reputation as a bustling hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. This picturesque city not only boasts breathtaking natural beauty but also nurtures a flourishing startup scene, with a particular focus on cutting-edge app development. In this article, we explore 15 interesting and dynamic app startups that are making waves in various industries.

LayerZero Labs: Bridging the Blockchain Gap

LayerZero Labs has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Founded by Bryan Pellegrino, Caleb Banister, and Ryan Zarick, this startup has developed an omnichain interoperability protocol that connects decentralized applications (dapps) across different blockchains. LayerZero Labs is setting the stage for seamless cross-chain interactions, propelling the blockchain industry into new realms of possibility.

Goose Insurance Services: Revolutionizing Insurance with a Mobile-First Approach

Goose Insurance Services has disrupted the traditional insurance landscape with its mobile-first B2C insurance platform. Spearheaded by Dejan Mirkovic, this startup has carved a niche in the financial services and insurtech sectors. Through their innovative mobile app, they are streamlining insurance processes and enhancing customer experience, making insurance accessible and hassle-free.

Snack App: The Video-First Dating Revolution

Snack App is making waves in the dating industry with its video-first approach, catering specifically to Gen-Z users. Founded by Kim Kaplan, this iOS application offers a fresh and engaging way to connect people online. By prioritizing video interactions, Snack App is redefining the dating experience and bringing a new level of authenticity to the world of online dating.

Beatdapp: Verifying and Validating Real-Time Music Streaming

Beatdapp is a game-changer in the music industry, offering a real-time tracking system that authenticates and validates media streams. With co-founders Andrew Batey, Morgan Hayduk, and Pouria Assadipour at the helm, this startup is empowering music labels and artists to ensure fair compensation for their work in the digital era.

Commerce.js: Empowering Developers and Designers in E-Commerce

Commerce.js is on a mission to revolutionize e-commerce platforms for developers and designers. Founded by Andrew Underwood and Devan Koshal, this startup is providing a modular e-commerce platform that empowers creative minds to build customizable and feature-rich online stores.

Dyne: Transforming the Restaurant Industry with SaaS and B2C Marketplace

Dyne is making its mark in the food and beverage industry with its Restaurant SaaS and B2C mobile app marketplace. Co-founded by Arnav Mishra and Parsa Riahi, Dyne is helping restaurants enhance their marketing efforts and reach a wider customer base through their innovative platform.

Renaissance: Amplifying Artists’ Streaming Traction

Renaissance is empowering artists in the music industry by amplifying their streaming traction and connecting them with their super fans. With founders Arpan Deol, Devon Ulrich, and Kiki Jaspal leading the way, this mobile app is fostering a vibrant community of music enthusiasts and artists.

Yervana Services Inc: Uniting Locals and Explorers in Outdoor Adventures

Yervana Services Inc has created a two-sided marketplace that connects locals and adventurers in thrilling outdoor experiences. Founded by Jim McGovern, this startup also provides valuable data analytics for the tourism and hospitality industry, contributing to sustainable growth in the sector.

Hengam: Boosting Shopify Merchants’ Profitability

Hengam is dedicated to developing Shopify apps that help merchants increase their net profit and revenue. With Ali Rajool as the driving force behind this startup, Hengam is enabling e-commerce entrepreneurs to thrive in a competitive online landscape.

GameOn: Engaging Superfans in the World of Gaming

GameOn is redefining the gaming industry with its blockchain-powered platform that engages superfans. Matt Bailey, the founder, has created a space for users to immerse themselves in a variety of gaming experiences, from fantasy sports to online games.

Karve IT Ltd.: Streamlining Franchised Organizations’ Operations

Karve IT Ltd. is a pioneer in vertical SaaS software development, focusing on the operational needs of franchised organizations. Co-founded by Alex Benjamin, James Warren, and Laurie Baggio, Karve IT is enhancing efficiency and productivity for businesses operating under the franchise model.

ROAR: Transforming the Service Industry

ROAR has taken the service industry by storm with its powerful and user-friendly app that consolidates various services into a single platform. Founded by Maya Adly, this startup is revolutionizing the way we access and experience services in the digital age. Empowering Software Teams with On-Demand Environments is revolutionizing the software development process by offering on-demand and one-click development environments. With co-founder Evandro Miquelito leading the charge, this startup is streamlining software development, enabling teams to work more efficiently.

Interlapse Technologies: Pioneering the Future of Virtual Currencies

Interlapse Technologies is at the forefront of developing applications that drive the adoption of virtual currencies. With a focus on Bitcoin and fintech, this startup is poised to shape the future of commerce and financial transactions.

TUEX International Education Ltd: Connecting Students and Tutors Globally

TUEX International Education Ltd is making education accessible through its multi-lingual app-based tutoring platform. Founded by Alfred Chien, this app connects students with qualified tutors, empowering learners around the world.


The vibrant startup ecosystem in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a hotbed of creativity and innovation, especially in the realm of app development. These 15 exciting startups are pushing boundaries, disrupting industries, and making a lasting impact in their respective domains. As they continue to grow and evolve, they are cementing Vancouver’s position as a thriving hub for entrepreneurial endeavors, attracting attention and admiration from both investors and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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