From Advertising to E-Commerce: 15 Canadian Platforms Startups Unveiled

Exploring the Dynamic World of Canadian Platforms Startups.

Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape has witnessed a surge in innovative platforms startups, redefining various industries with their cutting-edge solutions and disruptive technologies. From advertising ecosystems to e-commerce platforms, from blockchain-based innovations to real estate ventures, these startups are making waves with their vision, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of 15 remarkable platforms startups in Canada that are revolutionizing industries and reshaping the future.

Optable: Pioneering Data Collaboration and Clean Room Solutions for Advertising

Optable is leading the charge in the advertising industry with its data collaboration and clean room solution designed for the age of privacy. With a vision to redefine advertising ecosystems, Optable’s platform empowers businesses to harness data while respecting user privacy. Founders Bosko Milekic, Vlad Stesin, and Yves Poiré are driving the company’s mission to transform the advertising landscape.

ShopThing: Elevating E-Commerce with Live Video Selling

ShopThing has taken the e-commerce industry by storm with its innovative shopping app and live video selling product. Redefining the way consumers shop online, ShopThing offers an engaging and interactive shopping experience. Founded by Maggie Adhami-Boynton, the startup aims to bridge the gap between retail and entertainment.

Vejii Holdings: Embracing Sustainable Living through a Digital Marketplace

Vejii Holdings is on a mission to promote sustainable living and plant-based products through its digital marketplace, With a focus on agriculture, retail, and e-commerce, founders Darren Gill and Kory Zelickson are shaping a greener future for the planet.

Stage Meta: Shaping the Future of Metaverse with Blockchain Innovations

Stage Meta is revolutionizing the retail technology landscape with its mission to shape the Metaverse through Teleport Plaque Addresses on blockchains. By leveraging blockchain technology, Stage Meta aims to redefine e-commerce platforms and information technology. Founders Azam Mohabatian, Azam Mohabbatian, and Vito Ak are at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Trellis: Empowering E-Commerce Vendors with Ad Optimization Platform

Trellis is empowering e-commerce vendors to unlock the true potential of their businesses with its ad optimization platform. As a leader in advertising platforms and SaaS solutions, Trellis, founded by Mohan Krishna Vemulapali, aims to boost sales and drive growth for online businesses.

Taiv: Transforming Live TV Advertising with Relevant Content

Taiv is revolutionizing the advertising industry by replacing commercials on live TV with relevant advertisements. Through its innovative hardware and digital marketing solutions, founders Avi Stoller, Jordan Davis, and Noah Palansky are creating a more personalized advertising experience for businesses and consumers alike.

Hengam: Driving Revenue Growth for Shopify Merchants

Hengam is making waves in the e-commerce industry with its Shopify apps designed to increase net profit and revenue for merchants. With its sales automation and information technology expertise, founder Ali Rajool is enabling businesses to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Focal: Empowering Professional Photographers with All-in-One Solutions

Focal is catering to professional photographers with its all-in-one website and backend system. By providing comprehensive e-commerce platforms and photography tools, founder Lachlan Shum is simplifying business operations for photographers and artists.

Groundhog: Empowering the Crypto Subscription Economy

Groundhog is driving innovation in blockchain and fintech with its suite of tools to power the crypto subscription economy. By leveraging Ethereum and smart contracts, founder Scott Burke aims to transform the future of payments and e-commerce platforms.

3Common: Redefining Social Planning and Event Reservations

3Common is a marketplace dedicated to solving inefficient social planning and boosting consumer retention for event organizers. With founders Brayden Kehler, Bud Broesky, and Ethan Toews leading the way, 3Common is revolutionizing event ticketing and reservation systems.

PodiumIO: All-in-One E-commerce Platform for SMBs

PodiumIO is empowering small and medium-sized businesses with its all-in-one e-commerce platform for selling services. With founders Eric Plamondon and Franc Botti, PodiumIO is streamlining online portals and e-commerce platforms for service-based businesses.

Bulky: Revolutionizing Chemical Freight Management

Bulky is redefining chemical freight management by providing a platform for liquid chemical shippers and tanker truck carriers to match bulk freight loads instantly. With a focus on logistics and supply chain management, Bulky is transforming the shipping industry.

ICAREUM: Enabling Real Estate Developers with 3D Cloud Gaming Technology

ICAREUM is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its 3D cloud gaming technology. By assisting real estate developers in selling property online, founders Dan Merriam and Danila Solovov are transforming the way real estate is marketed and experienced.

Boostyd Interactive: Driving Growth with AI-Powered Performance Advertising

Boostyd Interactive is empowering businesses to accelerate growth through AI-powered performance advertising solutions. With a focus on digital marketing and lead generation, Boostyd Interactive, led by its visionary founders, is making marketing campaigns more efficient and ROI-driven.

GrynCar: Simplifying the Purchase and Sale of Used Cars Online

GrynCar is an online platform that simplifies the experience of buying and selling used cars. With its user-friendly interface, GrynCar aims to transform the automotive industry and enhance the vehicle purchasing process.


The Canadian startup ecosystem is thriving with innovative platforms startups that are reshaping industries and pioneering new technologies. From transforming advertising and e-commerce to revolutionizing blockchain and real estate, these startups are driving innovation and creating a brighter future. With visionary founders and passionate teams, these 15 platforms startups in Canada are undoubtedly ones to watch as they continue to redefine the business landscape.

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