Green Giants: 15 Canadian Sustainability Startups Taking the World by Storm!

A Showcase of Canada's Sustainability Startups.

Canada has been at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, with various startups taking on the challenge of addressing environmental issues while creating innovative and eco-friendly solutions. These startups are changing the landscape of industries like food and beverage, construction, energy, and more. Let’s explore 15 fascinating Canadian sustainability startups that are making a significant impact.

New School Foods

New School Foods is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry with its plant-based seafood alternatives. Founded by Chris Bryson, this company is on a mission to provide no-compromise meat substitutes that are not only delicious but also sustainable. By offering ethical and eco-friendly seafood choices, New School Foods is contributing to a more sustainable future.


Nexii is changing the way buildings are constructed. Co-founded by Ben Dombowsky, Michael Dombowsky, and Stephen Sidwell, Nexii provides a sustainable building solution that enables rapid construction. Using advanced building materials, the company creates resilient and eco-friendly structures that reduce the carbon footprint in the construction industry.

Carbon Streaming

In the realm of green technology and impact investing, Carbon Streaming shines as an ESG principled investment vehicle. Founded by Maurie Swan, this startup allows investors to access carbon credits, contributing to projects that offset carbon emissions. By linking financial gains with environmental benefits, Carbon Streaming demonstrates that sustainability can also be profitable.


Planetary is on a mission to accelerate the natural carbon cycle using ocean-based carbon removal technology. Founded by Brock Battochio, Greg Rau, and Mike Kelland, this startup focuses on environmental engineering and renewable energy solutions to combat climate change. Their innovative approach to carbon removal is a game-changer in the fight against global warming.


Arbor empowers companies to showcase their sustainability efforts with a custom dashboard and proprietary data analytics. Co-founded by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, and Ben Grande, this startup uses big data and business intelligence to measure and improve product sustainability. Arbor enables businesses to make data-driven decisions towards a greener future.

Cascadia Seaweed

Mike Williamson and Tony Ethier co-founded Cascadia Seaweed to promote regenerative agriculture through seaweed-based products. By harnessing the power of seaweed, this startup is offering sustainable solutions in the agriculture and aquaculture industries. Cascadia Seaweed’s products contribute to soil health, carbon sequestration, and overall environmental restoration.

Vejii Holdings

Vejii Holdings operates, a digital marketplace for plant-based and sustainable living products. With Darren Gill and Kory Zelickson at the helm, this e-commerce platform promotes a greener lifestyle by providing consumers with a wide range of eco-friendly and plant-based alternatives. Vejii Holdings supports sustainable businesses and helps consumers make conscious choices.

ESG Analytics

Qayyum Rajan’s brainchild, ESG Analytics, leverages artificial intelligence and alternative data to measure ESG practices. As a powerful analytics and research platform, this startup facilitates better decision-making for sustainable investments. ESG Analytics plays a vital role in encouraging businesses to adopt environmentally and socially responsible practices.

Westgen Technologies

Westgen Technologies is a renewable energy company that reduces development costs while improving environmental sustainability. Although the founders’ names are undisclosed, their vision to drive the adoption of clean energy technologies remains clear. Westgen Technologies contributes to a greener grid and advances the growth of renewable energy in Canada.


Charles Assaf, Edouard Clement, and Marian Borca co-founded Novisto to streamline ESG data management and reporting. As a SaaS platform, Novisto simplifies the complex process of gathering and analyzing environmental, social, and governance data. This startup empowers businesses to transparently communicate their sustainability efforts to stakeholders.


EnviCore specializes in developing technologies crucial for improving natural resource development. Co-founded by Aleksandra Govedarica, Milana Trifkovic, and Shahrukh Shamim, EnviCore focuses on clean tech, mining, waste management, and water purification. This startup plays a pivotal role in optimizing resource utilization while minimizing environmental impact.

NeoGreen Hydrogen

NeoGreen Hydrogen is a key player in the emerging green hydrogen market. Although the founders’ identities remain private, their commitment to industrial-scale green hydrogen production is evident. This startup is paving the way for sustainable hydrogen energy solutions in various sectors.

Liven Proteins

Fei Luo’s brainchild, Liven Proteins, produces functional protein ingredients through the fermentation of agricultural and food industry byproducts. This biotechnology startup addresses sustainability in the food and beverage industry, utilizing waste materials to create value-added products.


Arda Erturk and Richard Cao co-founded Roll, which offers smart mobility solutions with dock-less electric scooter and bike share services. By providing eco-friendly last-mile transportation options, Roll contributes to reduced carbon emissions and more sustainable urban mobility.

Leze the Label

Tanya Lee and Karen Lee co-founded Leze the Label, which creates sustainable workwear using recycled materials. This fashion startup promotes circular economy principles by turning waste into stylish, eco-friendly clothing options.


These 15 Canadian startups are trailblazing a path towards sustainability, proving that innovative ideas can lead to positive environmental impacts. From plant-based foods and sustainable construction materials to green technologies and eco-friendly fashion, these startups are driving change across various industries. By supporting and promoting these ventures, Canada continues to foster a culture of sustainability and inspire others to follow suit. With their commitment to a greener future, these startups are making Canada a hub for sustainable innovation.

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