Discover Alberta’s 15 Most Exciting Manufacturing Startups

Unveiling Alberta's Pioneering Manufacturing Startups That Are Reshaping Industries.

Alberta, Canada, known for its rich natural resources and dynamic economy, has become a hotbed for innovative manufacturing startups that are disrupting traditional industries and driving technological advancements. From sustainable agriculture to cutting-edge medical devices and beyond, these startups are making waves in the province’s manufacturing sector. Let’s take a closer look at the trailblazing ventures that are putting Alberta on the map for innovation and excellence.

Aurora Hydrogen

Aurora Hydrogen is developing the next generation of hydrogen production technology. With the increasing focus on sustainable energy solutions, Aurora Hydrogen’s advancements in hydrogen production have the potential to revolutionize various industries by offering clean and renewable energy sources.


Dynaleo manufactures cannabis-infused gummies for the adult-use market. Combining expertise in the cannabis industry and modern manufacturing techniques, Dynaleo caters to a growing market with high-quality and innovative products.

Psygen Labs

Psygen Labs is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade psychedelic drug products for clinical research and therapeutic applications. Their contributions in the biotechnology and manufacturing sectors open up new possibilities for mental health treatments and advancements in medicine.

CreateFoods Canada Inc.

CreateFoods Canada is a manufacturer and supplier of plant proteins and raw material ingredients. With a focus on sustainable and plant-based alternatives, CreateFoods is reshaping the food industry and contributing to a greener future.

Prototype Hubs

Prototype Hubs operates an advanced manufacturing platform that connects clients to a worldwide network of manufacturing partners, offering hundreds of instant prices. This revolutionary approach to 3D printing and industrial engineering streamlines the product development process for businesses and entrepreneurs.

E.O.I Technologies

E.O.I Technologies develops a remote laser-based vibration sensor intended for rapid and large-scale data collection. Their sensor and software solutions find applications in various industries, including food and beverage and machinery manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and predictive analytics.

Replenish Nutrients

Replenish Nutrients is a manufacturing company engaged in the production of regenerative fertilizer for sustainable agriculture systems. By providing innovative agricultural solutions, Replenish Nutrients contributes to more eco-friendly and efficient farming practices.

NovusTX Devices

NovusTX Devices is an advanced ultrasound transducer manufacturer for medical and industrial applications. Their cutting-edge medical devices improve diagnostics and treatments, positively impacting healthcare outcomes.

Kaliber Chemicals

Kaliber Chemicals is a distributor of chemicals serving the petroleum, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agriculture sectors. With their reliable supply of essential chemicals, Kaliber Chemicals plays a critical role in supporting various industries.

Cultivated Innovation

Cultivated Innovation creates full faceted packaging solutions for a multitude of industries. Their expertise in industrial engineering and product design ensures that businesses can deliver their products in a more sustainable and visually appealing manner.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions

Mojow Autonomous Solutions provides digital technology for agriculture, leveraging artificial intelligence and information technology. Their innovations in machinery manufacturing and automation optimize agricultural processes for increased productivity.

Northern RNA

Northern RNA is a contract development and manufacturing firm that offers plasma DNA, bioprocessing, and stability testing services. Their contributions in biotechnology and medical manufacturing accelerate research and development in the life sciences.

Andau Medical

Andau Medical is a medical and dental device company specializing in providing the market with regulatory and quality products. Their commitment to excellence and compliance ensures that healthcare professionals can rely on safe and efficient medical devices.

Change Toothpaste

Change Toothpaste is a manufacturer and seller of toothpaste tablets. By offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes, Change Toothpaste contributes to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.


Dianomix is a manufacturer that provides last-mile delivery solutions using autonomous delivery robots. Their innovations in e-commerce and robotics improve delivery efficiency and customer experiences.


Alberta’s manufacturing scene is witnessing a remarkable transformation, fueled by the pioneering spirit and innovative drive of these 15 startups. From sustainable energy solutions and advanced medical devices to cutting-edge agricultural practices and beyond, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the manufacturing industry. With their trailblazing efforts, Alberta continues to assert its position as a hub for innovation and technological progress, making it an exciting landscape for investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to watch and engage with in the coming years.

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