Tech Titans Unleashed: 15 Ottawa Software Startups to Watch!

Ottawa, Ontario, is a vibrant hub for innovation and technology in Canada. In recent years, the city has witnessed a surge in software startups, each offering unique solutions and contributing to the growth of the Canadian tech ecosystem. In this article, we will showcase and explain fifteen interesting software startups that are making waves in Ottawa. – Elevating Meeting Management is a top-rated meeting management software designed for managers and their teams. It empowers businesses to conduct effective meetings, streamline 1-on-1s, provide feedback, and track goals. With its user-friendly interface and productivity-driven features, is changing the way teams collaborate.

BluWave-ai – Optimizing Energy Decisions

BluWave-ai offers a SaaS-based grid energy optimization platform that enables sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy decisions. By leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics, BluWave-ai is driving the transformation of the energy industry and promoting cleaner energy sources.

Gadget – Empowering Developers

Gadget builds cutting-edge tools that empower developers to create better software more efficiently. With a focus on software engineering and developer tools, Gadget is a valuable asset for tech companies and individual developers alike.

Trexity – Same-Day Shipping Made Easy

Trexity is revolutionizing shipping by providing users with the option to ship any item within the same day. Leveraging a community of drivers, Trexity ensures swift and convenient delivery solutions for businesses and consumers.

Tablz – Redefining the Dining Experience

Tablz is redefining the future of dining by allowing diners to select and upgrade to their preferred table. Through its innovative reservation software, Tablz enhances the dining experience and empowers customers with more personalized choices.

Replica Analytics – Empowering Data Solutions

Replica Analytics offers core synthetic data solutions, including Data Synthesis Software & Services and Privacy Assurance Software & Services. These solutions cater to businesses’ analytics and data privacy needs, fostering trust and compliance.

Trellis – Boosting E-Commerce Sales

Trellis provides e-commerce vendors with software to enhance their sales and business growth through an ad optimization platform. By enabling data-driven advertising, Trellis empowers businesses to reach their target audience more effectively.

VRapeutic, Inc. – Transforming Rehabilitation Solutions

VRapeutic, Inc. specializes in rehabilitation solutions, with a focus on VR technology for neurodevelopmental challenges. With a mission to make rehabilitation more accessible and engaging, VRapeutic is making significant strides in the health care industry.

DroneEntry – Streamlining Drone Operations

DroneEntry is a workflow management platform designed for drone pilots and enterprises. With features catering to aerospace, navigation, and social media, DroneEntry streamlines drone operations and enhances efficiency.

MODU Research – Immersive Media for the Future

MODU Research is an immersive media startup that explores the potential of augmented reality and consumer software. Through innovative applications, MODU Research is driving the adoption of immersive technologies.

Noibu – Enhancing E-Commerce Customer Experience

Noibu’s software platform detects critical errors on e-commerce websites to enhance customer experience and prevent lost revenue. By ensuring smooth online shopping experiences, Noibu helps businesses thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Thred – Unleashing the Power of Web3

Thred builds smart Web3 utilities, leveraging the potential of blockchain and web applications. As Web3 gains momentum, Thred is poised to play a crucial role in the decentralized digital landscape.

Reshift security – Ensuring Secure Software Development

Reshift security aids modern software development teams in writing more secure code. By prioritizing security in the software development process, Reshift contributes to a safer online environment.

eGloo – Network Intelligence and Visibility

eGloo’s Netify offers network intelligence and visibility solutions coupled with cloud-analytics to deliver business-driven results. With advanced analytics, eGloo empowers businesses to optimize their networks efficiently.

Corfix – Streamlining Construction Paperwork

Corfix helps construction companies streamline jobsite paperwork using existing technology. By simplifying administrative tasks, Corfix allows construction teams to focus on what they do best – building.


Ottawa’s software startup scene is undoubtedly thriving, and these fifteen startups are prime examples of the city’s innovation and tech prowess. With their diverse solutions and unwavering determination, they are shaping the future of industries and leaving a lasting impact on the Canadian startup landscape. As they continue to grow and evolve, we can expect even more exciting developments from these promising ventures in the years to come.

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