Discover the Powerhouse: 15 Quebec Startups Transforming the Financial Industry

Embracing Disruption: Exploring 15 Groundbreaking Startups.

Quebec, Canada, is witnessing an exciting wave of innovation in the financial services sector. With cutting-edge technology, these startups are revolutionizing the way we approach traditional finance, insurance, wealth management, and more. In this article, we delve into 15 remarkable startups that are reshaping Quebec’s financial landscape, driving efficiency, accessibility, and user-centricity.

Nesto: Redefining Mortgages for the Digital Age

Nesto, a leading digital mortgage platform, has been instrumental in transforming the lending industry. By leveraging the nesto Mortgage Cloud, Nesto empowers lenders to enhance their operations and streamline the mortgage process. Founded by Chase Belair, Damien Charbonneau, and Karim Benabdallah, Nesto has become a driving force in the intersection of financial services, real estate, and fintech.

Pow.Re: Empowering Digital Asset Miners

Pow.Re stands at the forefront of the digital asset mining industry, providing advanced computation centers, low-risk power contracts, and secure financial services. Through their innovative solutions, Pow.Re enables miners to optimize their operations while minimizing risks. With a focus on information technology, power grid, and software, Pow.Re is poised to shape the future of financial services.

Zapper: Simplifying DeFi Asset Management

In the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), Zapper emerges as a game-changer. Zapper’s fintech platform offers users a unified interface to manage all their DeFi assets seamlessly. Nodar Janashia, Seb Audet, and Suhail Gangji, the visionary founders of Zapper, have successfully bridged the gap between users and the complexity of DeFi, making it more accessible than ever.

Emma: Revolutionizing Life Insurance

Emma, a family-centric insurance platform, is on a mission to make life insurance easy, affordable, and accessible. With a focus on financial services, fintech, insurance, and insurtech, Emma simplifies the process of purchasing life insurance. Félix Deschatelets, Gino-Sebastian Savard, and Jacomo Deschatelets are the driving forces behind Emma’s transformational approach to life insurance.

Breathe Life: Empowering the Individual Insurance Industry

Breathe Life is an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that empowers the individual insurance industry. Arach Tchoupani, Ian Jeffrey, and Jean-Nicholas Hould have developed a comprehensive solution that enhances the way individual insurance is delivered. By leveraging fintech, insurtech, and software, Breathe Life enables insurance providers to thrive in the digital age.

ClearEstate: Simplifying Estate-Related Services

Navigating the complexities of estate-related services becomes effortless with ClearEstate. Alexandre Gauthier, Davide Pisanu, and Pascal Brisset have created a one-stop-shop that provides guidance and support to executors. ClearEstate’s expertise in finance, financial services, and property management simplifies the estate management process, ensuring peace of mind for all involved.

Wingocard: Empowering Teens in the Cashless Economy

Wingocard’s mobile banking app bridges the gap between teenagers and the cashless economy while fostering financial literacy skills. Mehdi Mehni, Salvatore D’Agostino, and Sebastien Brault have crafted a solution that connects teens to the world of digital finance. Through their innovative approach in banking, financial services, and fintech, Wingocard empowers the next generation to build a solid financial foundation.

WALO: Gamifying Financial Responsibility for Families

WALO, a gamified mobile app, empowers parents to teach their kids about financial responsibility. With a strong focus on apps, edtech, education, family, financial services, and fintech, WALO provides an engaging and educational experience for families. Chloé Guillemard, Parth Gadhiya, and Rim Charkani are the driving forces behind WALO’s mission to build a financially literate society from a young age.

Hardbacon: Guiding Canadians towards Better Financial Decisions

Hardbacon is on a mission to help Canadians make informed financial decisions. Julien Brault and the Hardbacon team provide essential tools and resources to empower individuals in their financial journey. Through their expertise in finance, financial services, fintech, and venture capital, Hardbacon aims to make financial literacy accessible to all.

Stamped Technologies: Fast and Affordable Financial Audits

Stamped Technologies combines technology and expertise to revolutionize financial audits. Philippe Dionne and Simon Langlois have built a tech-enabled audit firm that simplifies year-end financials for businesses. By excelling in accounting and financial services, Stamped Technologies offers fast and affordable solutions, empowering businesses to focus on growth.

Wiseday: Simplifying Online Mortgages

Wiseday is transforming the mortgage industry by offering Canadians a simplified online mortgage experience. With a strong emphasis on financial services, Wiseday brings affordability and convenience to the forefront. Through their user-friendly approach, Wiseday aims to make homeownership dreams a reality.

Mako Financial Technologies: Automating Wealth Management

Mako Financial Technologies provides a financial technology platform that automates wealth management processes. With a focus on financial services, fintech, and information technology, Mako optimizes the investment journey for individuals and businesses. Raphael Bouskila and the Mako team are reshaping the landscape of wealth management with their innovative solutions.

FIX4 Capital: Unlocking Credit with Vehicle Value

FIX4 Capital enables individuals to access credit by leveraging the value of their vehicles for maintenance and repairs. Derek Lloyd, Robert Bedard, and Tave Della Porta have created a FinTech lending platform that simplifies the borrowing process. By revolutionizing financial services, FIX4 Capital offers a unique solution for immediate credit needs.

Timechain: Unleashing DeFi Across Blockchains

Timechain’s all-in-one DeFi DEX ecosystem, operating across BSC and ETH, opens up a world of possibilities. With a focus on cryptocurrency, financial services, fintech, mobile apps, and web apps, Timechain’s algorithms power seamless swaps and liquidity. Louis Cleroux and the Timechain team are driving DeFi accessibility and efficiency.

Sofiac: Boosting Profitability through Financing

Sofiac empowers businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors to enhance profitability through development and financing. With expertise in finance, financial services, and supply chain management, Sofiac enables businesses to grow sustainably. By offering innovative financial solutions, Sofiac is an invaluable partner for businesses in Quebec.


Quebec’s financial services sector is undergoing a transformative period, driven by innovation and technological advancements. The 15 startups highlighted in this article are at the forefront of this change, reshaping the industry with their groundbreaking solutions. From simplifying mortgages and insurance to revolutionizing audits and wealth management, these startups are pushing boundaries and empowering individuals and businesses alike. With their vision and expertise, these Quebec-based startups are proving that the future of finance is in safe hands.

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