The Next Big Thing: 15 Toronto Retail Startups That Are Taking Off

Empowering Innovation and Disruption in the Retail Sector.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is not only a bustling metropolis but also a vibrant hub for entrepreneurial ventures. The city’s retail sector is no exception, with a plethora of startups making waves and driving innovation in various domains. These pioneering companies are redefining the way we shop, enhancing customer experiences, and revolutionizing traditional business models. In this article, we will explore 15 remarkable retail startups that are transforming the landscape of retail in Toronto.

NowVertical Group: Revolutionizing Retail Technology

The NowVertical Group is at the forefront of transforming retail through its Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services. Combining industry-specific technology and expertise, this innovative company caters to a diverse range of industries, including analytics, automotive, big data, government, and more. With a mission to optimize business development and data integration, NowVertical Group is shaping the future of retail technology.

ShopThing: Seamless E-Commerce and Live Video Selling

ShopThing has carved its niche as an e-commerce shopping app and live video selling platform. With its user-friendly interface and dynamic features, ShopThing provides an immersive online shopping experience. Founded by Maggie Adhami-Boynton, this startup is revolutionizing the way we engage with e-commerce, making it easier for businesses and consumers alike.

Rebelstork: Sustainable Baby Gear Marketplace

Rebelstork is on a mission to make parenting more affordable and sustainable by enabling the buying and selling of overstock, open-boxed, and used baby gear. This innovative marketplace offers parents the opportunity to access high-quality products at reduced prices. Emily Hosie, the visionary behind Rebelstork, has created a platform that promotes a circular economy in the realm of baby gear.

GoodGood: Discovering Local Delights

GoodGood aims to create a better kind of local commerce by helping neighborhoods discover specialty treats and niche beverages. Through its platform, this startup connects consumers with unique and locally sourced products. Co-founded by Kris Linney and Robert Kim, GoodGood is fostering a sense of community and supporting local businesses in Toronto.

Stage Meta: Shaping the Future of the Metaverse

Stage Meta is on a mission to shape the future of the Metaverse with its Teleport Plaque Addresses on blockchains. This innovative startup focuses on e-commerce platforms, information technology, and retail technology. Led by visionary founders Azam Mohabatian and Vito Ak, Stage Meta is revolutionizing the way we interact with virtual reality and e-commerce.

CarDoor: Simplifying Car Buying

CarDoor offers a convenient online car buying and delivery service to consumers. By leveraging the power of e-commerce, this startup streamlines the car purchasing process, providing customers with a hassle-free experience. Founded by Matthew McKenzie, CarDoor is transforming the automotive industry in Toronto.

Superette: Elevating the Cannabis Retail Experience

Superette is a dispensary that aims to make purchasing cannabis as pleasurable as using it. With a focus on customer experience and high-quality products, Superette offers a curated selection of cannabis products in a contemporary and inviting environment. Mimi Lam, the founder of Superette, is revolutionizing the cannabis retail industry in Toronto.

Peekage: Unlocking B2B Consumer Insights

Peekage is a B2B insight technology platform that generates proprietary consumer insight through targeted at-home product trials. This innovative startup leverages e-commerce, enterprise software, and retail to provide valuable data to businesses. Co-founded by Milad Zabihi and Sina Roshan, Peekage is empowering companies with essential consumer insights.

Relocalize: Revolutionizing Food Production

Relocalize is making strides in sustainable food production by building micro-factories for food. With a focus on consumer goods, food delivery, and robotics, this startup is disrupting the traditional food processing industry. Founded by Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre, Relocalize is championing local and environmentally friendly food production practices.

Herve Edibles: Fusion of Design and Flavor

Herve Edibles produces exquisite desserts, macarons, candies, and chocolates that combine contemporary design with spectacular flavors. This innovative startup operates at the intersection of food and beverage, retail, and culinary art. Frederic Naggar and Sebastien Centner, the founders of Herve Edibles, are redefining the boundaries of gastronomic experiences.

TAKU Retail: Empowering Retailers with All-in-One Solutions

TAKU Retail offers the most flexible and cost-effective all-in-one commerce platform for established or growing retailers. By providing comprehensive solutions for computer, e-commerce, point of sale, and retail technology, TAKU empowers businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Founded by Amin Tizdastazar, Don Kang, and Karen Wong, TAKU Retail is revolutionizing the retail industry in Toronto.

HUEX Labs: Enabling Seamless Customer Conversations

HUEX Labs builds voice-enabled digital assistants that help businesses handle customer conversations in live industry environments. Leveraging artificial intelligence, computer vision, and speech recognition technologies, HUEX Labs is transforming customer interactions in the retail sector. Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa are the visionary founders behind this remarkable startup.

Ribitt: Unearthing Local Gems

Ribitt is a mobile rewards application that discovers local shops in every neighborhood. By promoting local businesses in the fashion and food and beverage industries, Ribitt fosters a stronger sense of community and supports the growth of small-scale enterprises. Ribat Chowdhury and Sana Virji are the innovative minds behind Ribitt.

krippit: Bridging Fashion and Technology

krippit is a 3D Printing FashionTech company that specializes in women’s high heel accessories. This startup combines 3D printing, e-commerce, fashion, and sustainability to create unique and customizable products. Founded by Melissa Chung, krippit is revolutionizing the world of fashion by seamlessly integrating technology and design.

Expancio: Revolutionizing Retail and Franchise eCommerce

Expancio is a harmonized retail and franchise eCommerce SaaS platform that helps businesses engage local and online shoppers to boost sales. With a focus on e-commerce, franchise, and retail technology, Expancio provides cutting-edge solutions to streamline business operations and drive growth. Founded by Peter Zheng, Expancio is paving the way for success in the retail sector.


The retail startup ecosystem in Toronto is thriving, with these 15 remarkable companies spearheading innovation and disruption. From revolutionizing the way we shop to enhancing customer experiences, these startups are transforming traditional business models and shaping the future of retail. With their visionary founders and groundbreaking technologies, these companies are putting Toronto on the map as a hub for retail innovation. As they continue to evolve and expand, they will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the retail landscape, both in Canada and beyond.

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