Startup Showcase: Manyways – Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with No-Code Journey Management

In today’s digital age, businesses face a daunting challenge – replicating the personalized and interactive experiences they provide in-person, but in an online setting. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find it difficult to develop online customer experiences that capture the logic and decision-making power of a face-to-face conversation. However, a Toronto-based startup called Manyways is changing the game with their innovative customer engagement platform. Powered by a no-code journey management system, Manyways enables non-technical users to design and publish embeddable web experiences, revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers online.

A Journey Management System for Non-Technical Users

Traditionally, developing online customer experiences with complex logic and decision-making capabilities required technical expertise. However, Manyways is breaking down these barriers by introducing a no-code journey management system. This user-friendly platform empowers individuals without programming skills to create and deploy interactive web experiences effortlessly.

Logic Modelling: Building Intelligent Customer Journeys

Manyways’ journey management system leverages logic modelling, allowing businesses to design intelligent customer journeys. By defining logical rules and conditions, companies can create personalized interactions that adapt dynamically based on user inputs and behavior. From personalized recommendations to tailored assessments, Manyways enables businesses to craft engaging experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Results Matching: Delivering Tailored Solutions

Matching the right results to customer needs is crucial for a successful online experience. Manyways understands this and incorporates a results matching engine into their platform. By aligning user preferences, requirements, and goals with relevant outcomes, businesses can provide tailored solutions and recommendations. This personalized approach enhances customer satisfaction and boosts conversion rates, leading to increased revenue and brand loyalty.

Personalization and Integration: Connecting with Customers on a Deeper Level

Personalization is at the heart of Manyways’ mission. Their platform includes advanced personalization capabilities that enable businesses to address customers as individuals, fostering meaningful connections and delivering tailored content. Additionally, Manyways offers seamless integration with third-party tools and systems, allowing businesses to leverage their existing data and enhance the customer experience across various touchpoints.

From Agency to SaaS: A Future Focused on Empowering Businesses

Currently operating as an agency, Manyways is actively developing their tooling to provide an even more accessible solution. In 2023, they plan to launch their licensing model, enabling individuals and organizations to leverage their powerful journey management system independently. This shift will empower businesses of all sizes to deliver personalized and engaging online experiences, setting a new standard in customer engagement.


With Manyways’ no-code journey management system, businesses can bridge the gap between offline and online interactions, revolutionizing the way they engage with their customers. By unlocking the power of logic modelling, results matching, personalization, and seamless integrations, Manyways empowers businesses to serve their audiences as individuals, fostering stronger connections and driving business growth.


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