Edmonton’s Leading Design Startups: Influencing Canada’s Innovation Landscape in 2023?

Design startups in Edmonton, Alberta are thriving with a focus on innovation and disruption. From graphic design to web development, interior design and everything in between, these startups are transforming their respective sectors. Explore some of the most promising design startups in Edmonton, achieving excellence in their industries, connecting creative individuals and offering a wide array of products and services that encapsulate the bleeding-edge of design.

Lingering on the cusp of creativity, these startups are not just providing services but are changing the game through innovation and technology. Each start-up offers a fresh take on their respective industry, improving customer interaction and pushing the boundaries of creative design. Here we bring you a comprehensive showcase of the unique design-oriented startups that are making strides in Edmonton, Alberta.

Each one has its own distinct identity, ethos, and goal, yet all share a common pursuit: to disrupt their respective industries and drive the future of design in Alberta and beyond. Without further ado, let’s dive into the diverse world of Edmonton’s design startups, from a unique marketing department to a product development firm and much more.

Dingus and Zazzy

Dingus and Zazzy is an Edmonton-based startup that is taking the field of marketing by storm. Founded by Jonathan Sturgeon, the firm is considered a marketing department that specializes in advertising, brand marketing, consulting, content marketing, digital marketing and more. They have taken on traditional marketing methods and infused them with their own unique brand of creativity.


E-Artistry offers a unique selection of handcrafted magnets, pressed tin magnetic boards, cards, stationery, art, and gifts. Led by Erika Conyette and Renée Conyette, E-Artistry brilliantly matches traditional craftsmanship with e-commerce.


Vellgus is a technological powerhouse providing web, mobile app development services, AI-powered solutions, as well as software for startups and businesses. With a focus on analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s pushing the boundaries of web design.

Clavis Studio

Revolutionizing the home decor industry, Clavis Studio is a 3D online platform for interior designing and creating a virtual model of home decoration. This real estate startup leverages technology to help you visualize your future space.

YEG Digital

YEG Digital, founded by Paul Letourneau, is a highly-rated Edmonton Web Design Company. They specialize in SEO, Web Design, Web Development, serving clients both locally and internationally.


ShoutCMS is a revolutionary platform for website and eCommerce development. They’ve combined the complex technology of web design and e-commerce onto a single platform.


Ventrify is a product design startup that focuses on end-to-end product development. From inception to execution, Ventrify handles all aspects of product development.


TechCare, led by founder Solehin Sagor, offers a monthly web design & tech flat-rate service. Specializing in UX design, web design, and development, they provide all the tech support a company needs.

Cantiro Group

Cantiro Group is a real estate company that delivers amazing homes, communities, and commercial properties with a focus on stylish and functional design.

Crowe IT

Crowe IT creates digital experiences that work to connect people with its clients’ brand or service. They specialise in digital marketing and web design to provide the best online identity for their clients.


With an aim to create the best digital presence for their clients, Ehmulation is a web design and development agency that also offers graphic design and social media marketing services.

Rednosal PLUS

Rednosal Plus provides tailored web design services, promotional products and local SEO services that accurately reflect its clients’ businesses.

AM Design Tech

AM Design Tech, founded by Mahmoud Mahfouz, provides customized designs and technologies for additive manufacturing, providing solutions for industrial manufacturing and product design.

Ardra Drafting

Ardra Drafting provides drafting services to architects, interior designers, and general contractors. Their services are all encompassing within the realm of architecture, interior design and real estate.


Akrogoniaios is a web design service provider along with toolkits and educational articles on business continuity and cybersecurity. They’re a one-stop-shop for businesses needing web security alongside sleek aesthetics.

In conclusion, the start-ups spotlighted here are changing the design landscape with their innovative and disruptive technologies and services. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to make impactful waves in their respective fields in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond.

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