How Are Canadian Shipping Startups Revolutionizing Industry Standards in 2023?

Canada’s startup community is filled with innovative minds looking to revolutionize the atmosphere of shipping. In line with Canada’s growing role as an international trade hub, these budding companies aim to simplify and automate the shipping ecosystem using technology—ranging from AI and machine learning to mobile applications, supply chain management, and e-commerce platforms. From identifying and filling needs in the indoor farming sector to providing digital solutions to complex shipping issues, to even building social logistics networks, these startups are set to redefine traditional shipping methods. They also highlight the amazing work being done by Canadian companies especially in industries such as logistics, agriculture, and IT. This is a curated list of 15 interesting shipping startups that caught our eye.


Boxhub is a leading online platform set to revolutionize how intermodal shipping containers are traded, transported, and used. Founded by Maximilian Birner and Philip Skov, the startup operates within several industries including eCommerce, industrial technology, internet, and last-mile transportation.


Trexity, founded by Alok Ahuja, allows users to ship any item within the same day by leveraging its driver community. The company operates within mobile, shipping, and software industries.


Cultivatd provides services designed to identify and address all indoor farming needs. Co-founded by Eric Bergeron and Eric Levesque, the startup operates within the agriculture, agtech, farming, and shipping broker industries.


Canscan is an automated shipping container inspection augmented intelligence system. Founded by Jennifer Ivens, the startup has its roots in artificial intelligence, shipping, and software industries., founded by Kelvin oben, brands itself as your smart shipping partner. It operates within B2B, eCommerce, logistics, shipping, software, and supply chain management industries.


Bulky allows liquid chemical shippers and tanker truck carriers to instantly match their bulk freight loads for transport. The startup is active in the chemical, cloud computing, eCommerce platforms, freight service, logistics, shipping, and supply chain management fields.

Quasar Platform

Quasar Platform is an end-to-end supply chain visibility platform developed by Cando Rail & Terminals. The platform provides services in the shipping, supply chain management, and transportation industries.


Tayza offers same-day delivery for entrepreneurs, thus ensuring recurring business. Founded by Mohit Raj, the company operates within courier service, logistics, and shipping industry.


AXLE offers AI-enabled automated peer-to-peer trucking platform. Co-founded by Constantin Baramidze and Siavosh Dana, AXLE operates within the artificial intelligence, information technology, logistics, shipping, and transportation sectors.


Pickups Is an everything-on-demand delivery app! Founded by Nick Romeo, Peter Bakhit, and Simon Khaouli, this innovative startup operates within multiple sectors like delivery service, last-mile transportation, logistic, mobile, mobile apps, same-day delivery, shipping, and software.


UBACARE is a healthcare company that provides virtual medical care, drugs, and pharmacy services. As a versatile start-up, UBACARE also operates within the shipping sector together with consulting, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.


ShipCurve is a digital shipping solution. It provides services to the eCommerce, logistics, shipping, and software industries.


Trakcon, founded by Anil Dhonde and Poonam Dhonde, is a social logistics network operating in the courier service, logistics, mobile apps, shipping, and warehousing sectors.


Growbuds is a media house production, and a versatile e-Commerce company. It also operates within the shipping industry and retail.

Process Logistics

Process Logistics is a transportation firm that provides freight services to different industry sectors, including retail and electronics.

In conclusion, these Canadian shipping startups are innovatively reshaping the shipping ecosystem, bringing in advancements to further drive the economic growth of the Canadian IT and shipping sectors. There’s evidently a surge of ingenuity and ambition within the Canadian entrepreneurial scene, and these startups are a testament to the relentless innovation that continues to push the boundaries of shipping and logistics.

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