Which are the Top Game-Changer Canadian Privacy Startups in 2023?

In recent years, startups focused on privacy have gained increased importance as organizations worldwide grapple with the implications of an ever-increasing interconnected world. Canada is not left behind in this global trend with a series of startups working towards innovative solutions to secure privacy. This article showcases 15 interesting Canadian startups seeking to create a more secure, privacy-conscious digital world.

These startups cut across various industries such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and others. They represent the varied ways privacy concerns can be addressed, from data storage, identity management to verification and consumer data control. Each startup brings something unique to the table, proof that Canada is at the forefront of tackling the privacy problem on a global scale.

The listed startups not only demonstrate Canada’s innovative spirit, they also underscore the country’s commitment to protect privacy in the face of increasing technological innovation. Now, let’s get better acquainted with these startups that are redefining the privacy landscape in Canada.


Source is taking privacy a notch higher in the realm of web3. Founded by Addo Smajic, Alex Gogan, and David Turner, Source has created an interoperable data management layer in the cloud. They specialize in blockchain, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, database, privacy, and software.

CONTXTFUL Technologies

Bringing to the table solutions in advertising, artificial intelligence, insurance, internet, machine learning, among others, CONTXTFUL Technologies provides business intelligence on environmental contexts of any digital audience. The startup was founded by Alexandre Désilets-Benoit, Benoit Martel, and Guillaume Bouchard.

Swiss Vault

Creating economical data storage systems is what Swiss Vault does. The startup, founded by Bhupinder Bhullar, and Douglas Fortune, caters to the finance, hardware, and privacy industries.


Enhancing the power of sensitive big data and data sharing through patent-pending privacy solutions is Kalepso. Co-founded by Georgios Depastas and Georgios Kellaris, the startup also offers services in cybersecurity, database, information services and technology.


Reklaim empowers consumers to take back control of their data. Founded by Neil Sweeney, Reklaim operates in the B2C, big data, privacy, and software industry.

Cycurid Technologies

With software solutions to address the extensive shortcomings of digital identity, Cycurid Technologies focuses on industries such as blockchain, compliance, cryptocurrency, identity management, privacy, security, and software.


Proxi.id is revolutionizing identity verification in the academic sector. It offers services in B2B, identity management, privacy, and software.


TODAQ aims at creating a decentralized mobile marketplace for everyone. Co-founded by Hassan Khan and Toufi Saliba, TODAQ operates in the blockchain, cybersecurity, financial services, fintech, marketplace, privacy, and virtual currency industries.


BranditScan, founded by Gino Sciretta, offers an automated tool that controls brand privacy, piracy control, and privacy protection.


ControlD, founded by Alex Paguis and Yegor Sak, provides solutions to bypass geo-restrictions, block tracking, and enhance productivity. They specialize in cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, network security, and privacy.


Opsware, founded by Andrew Hartwig, Peter Barbosa, and Thomas Wilson, is a provider of privacy data center automation software.


Providing secure virtual meeting and document signing platform is TreeFort. The startup was founded by Jay Krushell and Kim Krushell.

Ammolite Analytx

Ammolite Analytx is advancing threat intelligence by developing Quantum AI Cybersecurity solutions with deep domain expertise in defence, finance and energy.


XGuard provides security and investigations service, including solutions for privacy and signaling.


EstateBox is redefining estate planning. Co-founded by Anjali Inman, EstateBox makes estate planning simple and accessible for all.

In conclusion, these startups are good examples of the ways Canada continues to emerge as a world leader in promoting and protecting privacy, through forward-looking ideas, strategies and solutions. As privacy concerns rise globally, it is affirming to see Canadian startups at the forefront of tackling this issue head-on.

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