Who are Canada’s Influential Leaders in Packaging Services Startups Today?

Canada has an impressive array of startups in various areas, and one of the increasingly growing industries is the packaging industry. Packaging service startups from Canada are not just providing an essential service, they are innovating in ways that make packaging more efficient, environmentally friendly, and adapting it to a wide array of industries. Here are some of the most interesting Canadian packaging service startups leading the charge.

No Meat Factory

No Meat Factory prides itself as a co-manufacturer which focuses on the production of alternative protein products. This startup is centralized in the Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Packaging Services landscape. Visit their website for more information here.


Started by Jacquie Hutchings and Kayli Dale, Friendlier offers a unique solution to businesses transitioning from single-use to reusable packaging. Their reverse logistics software represents their commitment to Sustainability along with their services in Logistics, Packaging Services, and Software. Learn more about Friendlier here.


Founded by a team comprising Benjamin Dringoli, Louis-Philip Beliveau, and Mariia Zhuldybina, TRAQC offers quality control for the printed electronics industry that is relevant in several sectors like the Aerospace, Battery, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Printing, Quality Assurance, and Solar industries. Check out their offerings here.


Otherlife is a studio with a unique focus on design, development, strategy, and experiential marketing, capturing a wide spectrum of industries including Cryptocurrency, Graphic Design, Packaging Services. Visit their site here to know more.

BMTT Fresh

Specializing in the import and export of seafood products, BMTT Fresh provides packaging and transport solutions. Discover their service offerings here.

Cultivated Innovation

Cultivated Innovation designs full faceted packaging solutions for a multitude of industries as they bridge Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, and Product Design along with Packaging Services. Know more about them here.


ShipperBee provides end-to-end delivery services that aim to make the process of delivery better, simpler and greener. Their footprint extends across the Freight Service, Logistics, Packaging Services, Transportation sector. Learn more here.


Emerging in the area of sustainable Barrier Nanotechnology, Cellulotech is a relevant entity in Advanced Materials, Chemical, Nanotechnology, Packaging Services, Paper Manufacturing, Sustainability sectors. Catch more information about their services here.

Hart Print

Hart Print aims to provide flexible, high-quality digital printing service to customers on aluminum cans. Discover more about them in the Packaging Services, Printing, Service Industry here.

Significans Automation

Incorporating Commercial, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Industrial Automation, Packaging Services, Printing, Software sectors, Significans Automation, founded by Marc Raad, is a software company that provides material handling automation solutions for the print and packaging sectors. Visit them here.

Canada Brown

Adopting a green ethic, Canada Brown offers design, production, and logistics solutions for eco-friendly packaging and products, embracing Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Paper Manufacturing, Recycling industries. Visit their site here.

Emballage MPP

Emballage MPP Packaging specializes in the production of flexible polyethylene films catering to the Customer Service, Manufacturing, Packaging Services sectors. Get more information about them here.


Altro, a custom label printer firm, designs and develops custom packaging tapes, In-mold labels, shrink sleeves, and thermal ribbons, anchoring in the Commercial, Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Printing landscape. Know more about their services here.

GOFR Courier Toronto

GOFR Courier is an app-based courier service that offers package pick-ups and deliveries. It operates within the Apps, Courier Service, Delivery, GPS, Packaging Services, Same Day Delivery sectors. Explore their range of services here.


Focusing on Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Pharmaceutical sectors, Ayurcann, founded by Igal Sudman and Roman Buzaker, provides services in extraction, processing, packaging, and distribution. Find out more about their services here.

In conclusion, whether it’s revolutionising the food packaging industry or innovating sustainable packaging solutions, these Canadian startups are making waves internationally with their unique products and services. The sector’s diversity demonstrates endless possibilities for packaging services, opening up numerous opportunities throughout industries. As the world of packaging services continues to grow and evolve, these startups remain at the forefront of this innovation.

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