Where Next? Exploring Canada’s Top Influential Location-Based Services Startups

The start-up scene in Canada is booming and a rapidly growing area of interest is the space occupied by Location Based Services (LBS). By using the geographical position of a device, these LBS start-ups provide innovative solutions that can affect every facet of daily life, from travel planning and route navigation to targeted advertising. Here are fifteen of the most intriguing Canadian LBS start-ups currently making waves in this exciting technology sector.

Go Oil

Focused on the Consumer, Fleet Management, Fuel, Insurance, Internet, Location Based Services, Logistics, Mobile Apps, and Oil and Gas industries is Go Oil. Spearheaded by founders Jenn Lusby, Joel Miyazawa, and Jonathan Sparrow, Go Oil offers a mobile oil change service utilizing their proprietary franchise system.


Matidor.com is a project management software that specializes in real-time fieldwork. Founders Sean Huang and Vincent Lam claim a stake in the Geospatial, Information Technology, Location Based Services, Mapping Services, SaaS, and Software industries.


Jrop, is the brainchild of founder Syed Saad Hasan. This startup aims to increase ride-sharing and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) shuttle providers’ efficiency by mapping staging areas such as pick up and drop-off points.

Dot Dating App

Parthesh Patel is driving the innovative Dot Dating App. This mobile application helps people find a dating partner by matching profiles based on geographical location & interests.


Described as ‘Smart Tinder for Friends’, We3 is a product of founders Emanuel Petre and Julian Ilson. This app matches friendships three at a time, providing a unique social experience.


Passionfruit is an iOS software founded by Paul Deng that connects people through shared interests and passions. It’s a social app that aims to create authentic connections among its users.


GeoMate is a location intelligence company that utilizes various technologies such as AI, Automotive, Geospatial, Last Mile Transportation, Location Based Services, Machine Learning, Mapping Services, and Software, to enhance urban mobility.


BOHR∞(Bohr Technology Inc.), co-founded by Przemek Chojecki and Witold Kowalczyk, develops quantum machine learning software and algorithms that solve complex optimization problems.

Toronto Machine Learning Series (TMLS)

Focusing on machine learning and software development, TMLS (Toronto Machine Learning Series) is a community that David Scharbach has founded. This community brings together practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, and executives to focus on advanced ML research and real-life business cases.

Stuck AI

Stuck AI improves advertising by providing hyperlocal Digital-Out-Of-Home (D-OOH) advertising powered by Artificial Intelligence. Nagappan Venkatesan is the brain behind this ingenious idea.


Loqus offers a platform for users to create, share, and discuss locations. This startup leverages Location Based Services, Messaging and Software to provide unique geographical experiences for its users.


WaypointAR, founded by Sabarish Gnanamoorthy, is working on changing how people navigate by using augmented reality.

Payless Courier

Kamal Krishan’s Payless Courier is a location-based technologically advanced on-demand courier service in the Greater Toronto Area. This service streamlines logistics and transportation by deploying location-based services.


Steezle is a mobile marketplace that connects local products to local consumers using cutting edge location-based service technology.


DigiCan.ca is a business directory centered on industrial and manufacturing services and products. Founded by Konstantin Iliev, DigiCan.ca capitalizes on location-based services to provide a seamless business directory experience for users.

In conclusion, the Location Based Services sector of Canada’s start-up scene is diverse and thriving. From assisting users in finding friends, to providing efficient advertising, LBS start-ups in Canada are leveraging geographical data for innovative and practical solutions.

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