Revolutionizing Life Insurance: Which Canadian Startups Lead the Way in 2023?

The business of life insurance is undergoing a quiet revolution in Canada. A new generation of startups are harnessing the power of technology to reimagine and redefine the traditional life insurance model. They are shaking up a traditionally staid industry by making the process of buying life insurance faster, easier and more user-friendly.

This article will highlight some of the most unusual and innovative life insurance startups in Canada – companies that are changing the face of life insurance through their creative use of technology and customer-centric business models. All offer different and unique solutions, yet all are united by a common goal: to make life insurance accessible and affordable to the Canadian population.

Below, we introduce these companies, along with a short description of their mission, business model, and founders. We will also provide a link to their websites for those who want to learn more.


Founded by Félix Deschatelets, Gino-Sebastian Savard and Jacomo Deschatelets, Emma is a family-centric insurance platform that aims to make buying life insurance both accessible and affordable. Their services primarily focus on the financial services, fintech, insurance, insurtech and life insurance industries.


PolicyMe is an edtech startup that makes life insurance easy. Founded by Andrew Ostro, Jeff McKay and Laura McKay, PolicyMe operates in the life insurance, personal finance, education and finance industries.

Walnut Insurance

Founded by Adrien Niblock and Derek Szeto, Walnut Insurance offers life insurance with a premium membership which includes affordable plans, instant coverage, and exclusive member benefits.


Samos Insurance is another insurance company in the life insurance sector in Canada. Founded by Eric Blondeel and Matthew Eggertson, they provide unique solutions in the insurance and life insurance industries.


Founded by Jiten Puri, PolicyAdvisor is an online Canadian insurance broker dealing with e-commerce, insurance, and life insurance.

Biofect Innovations

Biofect Innovations, a startup created by John Abousawan, Ralph Delos Santos and Teshager Kefale, develops microbial protein ingredients for food industries. They serve the biotechnology, food and beverage, life insurance and manufacturing industries.

Begin Insurance

Begin Insurance is a digital insurance brokerage company that combines the efficiency of technology with the personal touch of a broker. They operate in various industries including auto insurance, commercial insurance, financial services, health insurance, insurance, life insurance, property insurance.

Synergist Wealth

Synergist Wealth is a Canadian Financial Services Firm providing Strategies and Solutions through Life Insurance and related vehicles.

Yurcor Insurance

Yurcor Insurance, founded by Daryl Stubbs, creates wealth and security through leveraging life insurance policies.

Caponi Financial

Caponi Financial is an insurance company that offers consulting services, financial services, insurance, and life insurance.

AIM Insurance

AIM Insurance is an insurance brokerage firm that offers comprehensive programs and products catering to life, group, and personal insurance needs.

Rockport Financial Group

Providing financial planning, private wealth management, employee benefits and consulting, and mortgage services is the specialty of Rockport Financial Group.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides

Canadian Life Insurance Guides offers valuable financial advice with insurance solutions to protect their families and businesses.

Mosley Group Benefits

Mosley Group is an independent insurance agency that provides group benefits, retirement schemes, and technology consulting.

Vita Assure

Vita Assure is a brokerage and consulting firm that specializes in group insurance, group retirement, wellness/disability management, and benefits administration.

These innovative companies are reshaping the way Canadians think about life insurance. By using technology to deliver insurance services in a faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly way, they are elevating the customer experience and making buying life insurance a simpler process.

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