Which Canadian iOS Startups are Dominating the Tech Industry in 2023?

Canada is becoming increasingly known for its remarkable startups across diverse sectors. Among these are the bold and innovative iOS startups that are reimagining the way we approach everything from dating to gaming. Here, we spotlight 15 compelling Canadian iOS startups that are earning recognition for their groundbreaking ingenuity.

From applications digitising the culinary scene to platforms simplifying freelance services or fostering novel ways to connect with like-minded individuals, these startups exemplify creativity and technological advancements. Moreover, they underline Canada’s role in positioning itself at the forefront of global technological innovation.

Let’s take a deeper look into these fascinating ventures, their unique offerings, and the brilliant minds behind them.

Snack App

Founded by Kim Kaplan, Snack App is revolutionizing the dating scene by marrying dating and video. This video-first dating application caters to Gen-Z, streamlining connection and interaction in the virtual world. Kim’s innovative app falls under several categories like Apps, Dating, Digital Entertainment, iOS, and Video.


Cuboh, co-founded by Juan Orrego and Sinan Sari, simplifies online food orders for restaurants. Their application automates processes, making it indispensable in the CRM, E-commerce, Information Technology, Internet, iOS, and Software industries.

Extra Dimension Games

Extra Dimension Games, founded by Chris Gallinaro, Chris Gander, and Sean Wylie-Toal, crafts engaging puzzle games for game enthusiasts. They have carved a niche for themselves in the Android, Gaming, iOS, and Video Games sectors.

AceBy, Inc.

AceBy, initiated by Derrick Agyiri, is a mobile app matching customers with local professionals to meet their freelance work-related needs. This startup is gaining momentum in the Android, Freelance, iOS, Mobile Apps, and Professional Services fields.

MapleWiz Solutions

Jamie Joseph and Payal Singh co-founded MapleWiz Solutions, which offers web design and mobile app development services. Their key market areas are Android, iOS, Mobile Apps, and Web Design.


Co-founded by Emanuel Petre and Julian Ilson, We3 is a smart app, privately matching up to three friends at a time. This application is making waves in the Apps, iOS, Location Based Services, and Mobile Apps space.


Vencru, founded by Ben and Chika Ofili, is a SaaS platform that simplifies business operations for small businesses. By offering easy visibility into sales, expenses, inventory, and accounting, Vencru is building a strong reputation in the sector.


Passionfruit, the brainchild of Paul Deng, connects people through shared interests and passions. It’s carving a niche within the iOS, Location Based Services, and Software industries.

Corsac Technologies

Corsac Technologies specializes in full-cycle product development for web, mobile, AR/VR. They are staking their claim in the Android, Big Data, Information Technology, iOS, Software, and Web Design sectors.


Co-founded by Harishguna Satgunarajah and Saumik Khan, HAUL is a mobile application that aids personalized fashion discovery. The startup expands the boundaries of E-Commerce, iOS, and Mobile Apps.

Epic Story Interactive

Founded by Chad Greenway, Dennis Leong, and Ken Faier, Epic Story Interactive is an independent game studio located in Vancouver, specializing in Android, Casual Games, Gaming, iOS, and Video Games.

Mobilesentrix Canada

Mobilesentrix Canada is a leading wholesaler and supplier of cell phone parts, including iPhone repair parts and Samsung Mobile Replacement Parts. They are admired in the E-Commerce and iOS sectors.

Sixzero Design

Sixzero is a UX/UI design studio hyper-focused on harnessing user research and data to design software with measurable impact. They are esteemed in the Android, Apps, Consulting, Creative Agency, Desktop Apps, iOS, Mobile Apps, Product Design, Professional Services, and Software industries.


Hedgie is a video game that has taken the Android, Internet, and iOS industry by storm. Through its innovative design, it has managed to capture the attention of gamers of all ages.


Promenad is a dating app that enables individuals to connect and meet new friends with similar interests in nearby locations. It has seen enormous growth in the Android, Apps, Dating, iOS, and Social Network sectors.

In conclusion, these promising Canadian iOS startups mark a new era of tech innovation. From industries such as dating and gaming to freelancing and B2B services, these startups are rewriting the script and shaping the future through their unique applications.

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