Who Are Canada’s Pioneering Startups Transforming Innovation Management in 2023?

Canada is experiencing a burgeoning market for startups in various industries. Particularly notable in this growth phase are Innovation Management startups. These startups, specializing in different sectors, are leveraging innovative technologies and creative solutions to revolutionize their respective fields. From environmental engineering to media and entertainment, let’s take a closer look at some noteworthy startups in the world of Canadian Innovation Management.

Today, our lime light is specifically aimed at some Innovation Management startups who have been making significant strides in their respective industries. These startups have not only recognized the importance of implementing innovation as part of their business strategy but have also successfully incorporated it to create unique value for their customers and industries. With a diversity spanning various sectors like financial services, digital publishing, biotechnology, etcetera, these startups are setting strong footprints in the sand of innovation.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in, explore, and celebrate the brilliant minds and stellar innovations that these startups are bringing to Canada and the world at large.

The Logic

Founded by David Skok, The Logic is an online media platform specializing in the digital economy, venture capital, innovation, and e-commerce. Through its innovative reporting and enlightening news pieces, it has established itself as a vital source of information in the innovation management industry.

Carbon Royalty

Carbon Royalty is unlocking value and promoting global decarbonization through innovative solutions in carbon management and financial innovation. The company has carved a unique niche for itself at the intersection of environmental engineering and innovation management.


Swae is revolutionizing decision-making with its AI platform. Founded by Kent Langley and Soushiant Zanganehpour, this startup uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software solutions to promote fair and efficient decision-making.

Entrepreneurship Discovery and Growth Engine (EDGE)

EDGE might not have known founders, but it is an essential space where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive. The institute provides vital support, guidance, and resources to its members to encourage innovation.

Luna Design and Innovation

Founded by Andrea Yip, Luna Design and Innovation focus on creating products that drive the advancement of biotechnology. The innovation firm is also known to excel in product design.

Recursyve Solutions

Established by Julien Dufresne, Recursyve Solutions offers management software solutions, innovative software services, and mobile applications.

Synergist Wealth

Synergist Wealth offers unique financial strategies and solutions through life insurance. The company continues to redefine wealth management through innovation.

Sustainable Mobility Agency

Sustainable Mobility Agency is an innovation-led government administration formed by Nicholas Filion. The agency focuses on sustainable transport developments for municipalities.

Design Centered Co.

Design Centered Co., founded by Urooj Qureshi, offers consulting, IT, and innovative design services to organizations, guiding them towards a greater impact.

Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub

Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub is a business incubator fostering innovative ideas and enabling entrepreneurship through support and resources.


10Speak, led by Norm Couturier, is an innovation company that tackles challenges using modern technology and experience.


Ascension, founded by Matthew Unger, is a cloud technology consulting agency offering services in technology and innovation management.

Maker Cube

Maker Cube provides access to a workspace equipped with expensive tools making them accessible for the community.


YSpace is a hub that engages the local community with various workshops and events. They foster social entrepreneurship and innovation in education and IT.

IGNITE Atlantic

IGNITE Atlantic founded by Matthew Doucette is a rural innovation hub that uses innovation to bring change to rural communities.

These startups, through their innovative solutions, stifling challenges, and leveraging potential opportunities, are set to redefine innovation in their respective fields while contributing significantly to the growth and development of the Canadian startup ecosystem.

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