Who Are Canada’s Top Home Health Care Startups Revolutionizing Care?

There has been a seismic shift in the delivery of healthcare services in recent years, sweeping us away from centralized institutions and toward individual-centric, home-based care. This trend, fueled by cutting-edge technology and increased demand, has spurred a myriad of innovative startups to emerge in Canada. From AI-driven healthcare platforms to devices improving rehabilitation, these ventures are revolutionizing home health care. We delve into 15 notable Canadian startups in this dynamic sector transforming the way we manage and access healthcare at home.

Whether it’s about providing advanced healthcare monitoring solutions or making healthcare more accessible, these startups use technology to address critical healthcare challenges. While some are taking the aid of AI and ML, others are focusing on specific health issues like respiratory health and pelvic rehabilitation. Despite their differences, they share a common goal—to make healthcare more effective, accessible, and personal.

So, if you’re interested in the latest health advancements or looking for health solutions or resources, this list is your one-stop resource for some of the most innovative health startups in Canada today, providing health care directly at home. Let’s dive in.

Xandar Kardian

Xandar Kardian is at the cutting-edge of radar signal processing solutions, with applications in smart buildings and remote health care. The startup utilizes AI and radar technology to monitor vital signs and behavioral information non-invasively and continuously. Founded by James Sung Ho Cho and Sam Yang, Xandar Kardian is breaking new ground in tele-sensing patient monitoring.


Committed to supporting brain health, Neurovine uses AI to analyze biofeedback data and help individuals understand their personal brain recovery trajectory following a concussion. Duo Ashleigh and Matthew Kennedy leverages cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between scientific research and real-world applications.


BreatheSuite is a FDA-cleared connected respiratory health company. Brett Vokey founded BreatheSuite to empower respiratory patients to live longer, healthier lives by providing professional and home users with technology and software solutions to accurately measure, monitor, and track the use of handheld inhalers.

Hyivy Health

Hyivy Health offers pelvic health solutions non-invasively using their tracking device for women recovering from pelvic diseases and surgeries. The startup, led by Rachel Bartholomew, provides a connected health solution for women in the comfort of their homes.

ATMA Journey Centers

ATMA Journey Centers secured its position as a well-being and healthcare company that delivers innovative healing and transformative experiences. Founders David Harder and Vu Tran, are providing therapy solutions using medically approved psychedelic treatments.


Offering remote health monitoring solutions, MoviWear is an AI-based platform giving users critical health alerts and predictive analytics on their health trends. It was established by Jacob Moshinsky to provide round-the-clock monitoring for personal health and safety.


WAVO is a health analytics platform that focuses on providing affordable medical treatments. WAVO is employing predictive analytics, AI, and ML to deliver more personalized patient care experiences by understanding their health data better.

Embrace Health Innovations

Health tech venture, Embrace Health Innovations, strives to positively impact personal and social wellness. Arlene Lusterio’s project aims at promoting self-esteem and personal development through their research and technology.

Strath Health

Strath Health offers consumer-driven mobile software and data management tailor-made for the healthcare industry. Founders Ken Lokken and Nicole Price-Morin are working to create solutions that combine care for elderly and young children in a single package.


Focused on improving eldercare, ConsidraCare is led by founder Tauseef Riaz to be a comprehensive solution for aging at home. The platform connects caregivers and seniors, making eldercare more manageable and family-friendly.


Custodia offers a one-stop-shop for home maintenance and odd jobs designed for seniors. Founders Christopher Shank and Geoff Whitlock build safer homes for seniors by providing handyman services, home safety assessments, and phone support for seniors living at home.

VR Mighty

VR Mighty aims to create a virtual community for seniors. Its online platform connects individuals with activities and experiences to provide continued learning, engagement, and fun without them having to leave their houses, fostering a sense of community and belonging.


Hulpr is a community-based support system for seniors and individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses. It offers online and mobile platforms that connect patients, healthcare professionals, and caregivers to provide immediate help when needed.

Caring Touch Home Health Care

Caring Touch Home Health Care is a home health care provider offering nurse-managed, palliative, and hospice care services. Founded by Nicole Troiano, they ensure patients’ comfort during recovery or chronic illness by providing registered nurses who coordinate and deliver tailored care plans.

Comfort Keepers Cambridge, Brantford, Paris, Ontario

Comfort Keepers specialize in providing in-home care, elder care, and assisted living service delivered with kindness and compassion. Under the leadership of Gurpreet Padda, Comfort Keepers has been able to help seniors live independently and confidently in their homes.

Despite the diversity in their services, these 15 Canadian start-ups share a common passion for creating groundbreaking, user-friendly solutions to traditional healthcare hardships. They are at the forefront of Canada’s healthcare revolution, making healthcare more accessible and efficient through the use of technology.

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