Which Canadian Geospatial Startups are Revolutionizing the Industry Today?

From the worldwide web to global positioning systems, geospatial technology is at the heart of our interconnected world. Today, it is more relevant than ever with the advent of a new generation of startups leveraging geospatial data and analytics to provide groundbreaking solutions in diverse sectors ranging from e-commerce and aerospace to construction and natural resource management. This article will delve into 15 such brilliant Canadian startups that are making a mark in the geospatial continuum.

The term ‘geospatial’ refers to data that is associated with a particular location, which is then used to analyze and visualize phenomena that occur in space and time. The advanced exploitation of this data has paved the way for innovations and solutions that enable precise mapping, tracking, and prediction of patterns and trends. In this dynamic and rapidly evolving field, Canadian startups are playing a significant role.

The diversity and ingenuity of these startups also underscore Canada’s robust startup ecosystem, which is increasingly being recognized for its supportive environment, abundant capital, world-class talent, and vibrant innovation. Let’s shine a spotlight on these startups and understand their unique offerings and contributions to the global geospatial canvas.

Nextech AR Solutions

Nextech AR Solutions formalizes the junction of spatial mapping, augmented reality, and 3D models to create immersive experiences. At Nextech, the physical world melds with the digital world creating a new kind of interactive space. Their solutions span across sectors like advertising, e-commerce, and software development. The firm was founded by Evan Gappelberg and Nikhil Sawlani, and their feats can be explored on their website: Nextech AR Solutions.


Wyvern, a startup founded by Callie Lissinna, Chris Robson, and Kristen Cote is on a mission to provide the highest resolution hyperspectral imagery of Earth from space. Operating in the aerospace and big data industry, Wyvern leverages state-of-the-art technology to generate unique insights from space; see more on their website Wyvern.


KorrAI is developing Digital Twins for global natural resources. Rahul Anand and Rob McEwan founded KorrAI with the aim to facilitate healthy, efficient, and safe operations across the natural resources sector. Explore more about them on their website KorrAI.

Minerva Intelligence Inc.

Minerva Intelligence Inc. is diving into the fields of semantics, taxonomy, reasoning under uncertainty, knowledge engineering and more, applying AI technologies to geospatial data. Founded by Clinton Smyth and David Poole, Minerva Intelligence Inc. is advancing the domains of information technology, insurtech, and machine learning. Visit Minerva Intelligence Inc. for more details.

IRIS R&D Group Inc.

IRIS is revolutionizing the concept of smart cities and public transportation by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and geospatial data for AI-enabled pavement assessments, right-of-way data collection, and more. You can learn more about IRIS R&D Group Inc. and its founders David Keaney and Emil Sylvester Ramos at IRIS.

Terris Earth Intelligence

Founded by Norm Couturier and Tom Batty, Terris Earth Intelligence is bringing forth the new era of earth intelligence. Its cloud geospatial platform provides immersive 3D visualization and AI analytics from satellite data. Learn more at Terris Earth Intelligence.


Matidor.com developed by Sean Huang and Vincent Lam is delivering a unique project management software on a live map for real-time fieldwork. It operates in the intersection of geospatial technology and information technology. Visit Matidor.com to learn more.

Sawback Technologies

Neil Keown and his team at Sawback Technologies collect, visualize, and analyze near-surface data for identifying underground utilities, fluid leaks, soil layers and infrastructure health. Learn more about Sawback Technologies on their website Sawback Technologies.

Lux Modus Ltd.

Lux Modus Ltd. operates in a variety of industries including Autonomous Vehicles, Construction, Infrastructure, and more, with their primary focus being 3D Mapping and LiDAR as a Service. To know more about the founders Joseph Hlady, Lance Fugate, Matthew Glazner, and their company, visit Lux Modus Ltd..


SpaceAlpha, founded by Scott Larson, merges aerospace with geospatial technology and machine learning for space technology & earth observation. Visit their website SpaceAlpha to delve deeper.


A leader in urban mobility, GeoMate is a location intelligence company leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and geospatial data. Learn more about their projects and initiatives at GeoMate.

Pharos Platforms

Pharos Platforms, founded by Bardia Monavari, Bhareth Kachroo, and Peter Fettes, are automating data science and machine learning workflows for geospatial data through a single API. Check out their website Pharos Platforms to explore their AI-driven geospatial solutions.


Clirio, founded by Ron Klopfer, offers a SaaS for mixed-reality visualization of engineering data. They offer innovative geospatial solutions in the areas of Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, and Mining Technology. Learn more about them at Clirio.

In conclusion, Canada’s geospatial start-up scene is vibrant, diverse, and growing rapidly, driven by innovative entrepreneurs and robust industry support. These startups offer a glimpse into the future of geospatial technology, demonstrating that the potential of geolocation data is limited only by the boundaries of our imagination.

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