Which Canadian Environmental Engineering Startups Influence Green Innovations Today?

Welcome to another innovative feature piece from CanadaVenture.news, your essential source for all things startup. Today, we turn our spotlight towards the realm of Environmental Engineering – a field that is rapidly developing as we seek innovative ways to tackle our planet’s pressing environmental issues. Buckle up as we journey through the fascinating world of Canadian startups taking a futuristic approach to saving the environment.

Canada’s start-up scene is replete with groundbreaking businesses seeking to address environmental challenges from diverse angles. Armed with bright minds, cutting-edge technologies, and a deep-rooted concern for the environment, these startups are driving change and illuminating new paths for sustainable living and resource management. They’re challenging the status quo, proving that economic growth doesn’t have to occur at the planet’s expense.

Throughout this piece, we aim to highlight these startups’ visions, achievements, and future goals, showcasing their unique solutions and the passionate individuals behind them. We’ll learn about environmental engineering startups working in carbon capturing, energy storage, forest regeneration, water purification, and more. So, let’s dive in.


Founded by Brock Battochio, Greg Rau, and Mike Kelland, Planetary is a promising Canadian startup focusing on ocean-based carbon removal technology. Their goal is to accelerate the natural carbon cycle, contributing to the second wave of renewable energy sources and driving environmental sustainability. By harnessing and restoring the world’s largest carbon sink—the seas—they’re offering a viable solution to tackle climate change.

VRB Energy

VRB Energy stands as a global leader in the energy domain, specializing in vanadium redox battery technology. They aim to empower a cleaner, more sustainable energy future by enhancing renewable energy storage capabilities, thereby reducing reliance on fossil fuels.


Founded by Vienna Zhou, TROES is a Canadian company revolutionizing the energy sector with its smart power energy storage technologies, products, and solutions. They leverage cutting-edge tech to optimize power use and contribute to the green building movement. By integrating IoT with renewable energy forms, they foster sustainability and energy efficiency.

Flash Forest

Founded by Angelique Ahlström, Bryce Jones, and Cameron Jones, Flash Forest is using technology to fast-track reforestation. They employ aerial mapping software, drone technology, automation, and ecological science to repopulate deforested areas rapidly. The company represents a significant stride forward in harnessing automation for environmental engineering.

Carbon Royalty

Carbon Royalty is a unique startup, focusing on decarbonization through a financial lens. They combine carbon and financial innovation to unlock value, serving as a bridge between ecology and economy, providing corporate responsibility and sustainable financial practices.

Innova Hydrogen

With founders Matt Desroches, Donny Bobocel, and Kamelia Giles at the helm, Innova Hydrogen is pushing the boundaries in the renewable energy sector. The company is developing innovative and proprietary hydrogen production technology, pioneering new ground in energy storage and delivery.

2S Water Incorporated

2S Water Inc. founded by Anthea Sargeaunt is at the forefront of water monitoring technologies. Through single and multi-element sensors that detect metals in real-time, they enhance our ability to safeguard water resources.


Susterre operates at the heart of agriculture and environmental engineering, pioneering the use of ultra-high pressure fluid jet technology for row crop planting and seeding applications.

Wave9 Technology

Co-founded by Ian Cunningham, Wave9 is modernizing production site and facility inspection processes through a blend of software and hardware. By integrating AI into environmental monitoring, they enhance inspection accuracy and efficiency.

Alfapur Technologies

Founded by Abdelmajid Rakib, Alfapur Technologies offers innovative solutions for the separation and purification of liquids and gases. They stand at the helm of the Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering industries.

AI Shading

At the intersection of AI and environmental engineering is AI Shading. Founded by Zack Zhang, this startup is developing AI & IOT enabled technologies to reduce the environmental footprint from homes and buildings.

Terra Optima Labs

Terra Optima Labs is contributing significantly to preserving and regenerating living soil, an essential component in maintaining a healthy environment and promoting biodiversity.

HiPoint AG ( EPR ZERO)

Founded by Paul Cross, HiPoint AG (EPR ZERO) is combating nutrient waste issues. Their innovative EPR ZERO database tracks nutrient waste, ensuring environmental accountability and promoting recycling.

Sulphide Remediation Inc.

Founded by Brent Hilscher, Sulphide Remediation Inc. specializes in solving legacy acid rock drainage issues from historical coarse rock waste piles. They bridge the gap between mining and sustainability, reducing environmental harm from mineral extraction processes.

Ecosystem Informatics

Founded by Shirook Ali, Ecosystem Informatics offers smart cities, carbon management, health & safety solutions for environmental improvement. They leverage IT to enhance environmental planning and management.

These startups are a testament to the pivotal role Environmental Engineering plays in our world today. Armed with innovative technology and a deep commitment to sustainability, they’re ushering in a new era of environmental stewardship. As Canada’s startup ecosystem continues to thrive, we have every reason to be optimistic about the green future our nation aims to build.

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