Which Canadian Energy Efficiency Startups Are Revolutionizing the Industry?

With an increasing focus on reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable practices, numerous energy efficiency startups are emerging in Canada. These new organizations are combining innovation, technology, and sustainability to transform industries and communities across the country. They’re implementing solutions ranging from motion harvesting to AI-powered home building to expedite the transition to a cleaner, more resource efficient future.

This article explores some of the most innovative and promising energy efficiency startups from Canada. These companies, utilizing advanced technologies and innovative business models, are playing a key role in tackling climate change and promoting sustainable energy practices.

From Carbon Free Planning to energy harvesting from motion, these startups are on the cutting edge of energy efficient practices and technologies. Below are 15 Canadian startups that are making a remarkable influence in energy efficiency:



Audette is a B2B SaaS platform dedicated to Carbon Free Planning in Corporate Real Estate. Founded by Christopher Naismith, the startup serves an essential role in pushing B2B industries towards greater energy efficiency. By coupling traditional real estate practices with sustainable planning, Audette is helping fashion a commercial real estate sector that is more environmentally conscious and efficient.



Founded by Asif Hasan, Keelen Gagnon, and Winston Morton, Climative is a technology start-up aimed at reinventing how organizations collaborate with building owners to expedite the decarbonization of the built environment. Leveraging the power of AI and Blockchain, they are revolutionizing the industry of Energy Efficiency, CleanTech, and Software.



Daanaa, started by Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani, is an innovative startup focusing on energy management. Daanaa’s proprietary semiconductor technology provides power transactions medium and modality free both in wired or wireless in AC/DC modes, contributing significantly to the Energy Efficiency, Green Energy, Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle industries.



Vienna Zhou has created TROES, a startup developing smart power energy storage technologies, products and solutions. The company mainly focuses on delivering solutions tailored for the energy, power grid and renewable energy sectors.

Green Savings Group


The Green Energy Savings Provider, Green Savings Group, is a startup that’s significantly contributing to the Energy Efficiency industry. They provide innovative solutions to help people save energy and reduce their environmental impact.

GreyJay Energy


Founded by Kam Shergill, GreyJay Energy is an energy services technology company that helps organizations transform their buildings into efficiency superstars. The startup is significantly contributing to the Energy Efficiency and Energy Management industries via their innovative solutions.

Avatar Innovations


Avatar Innovations is providing business solutions for energy transition, aiding the energy efficiency, and oil and gas sectors. This startup is focusing on creating sustainable solutions for the energy industry.



Founded by Ali Telmadarreie and Steven Bryant, Cnergreen focuses on enhanced oil recovery and CO2 storage efficiency via resilient nanoparticle-based foam technology. They are substantially contributing to bringing efficiency to the energy industry.

Consumers Energy Services


Consumers Energy Services is an enterprise that helps homeowners save money on their energy bills. The company works within the Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Solar sectors, creating efficient energy solutions for homeowners.



Voltai, initiated by Maja Mayer, harvests energy from motion to help marine industries reduce reliance on fossil fuels and stored energy. With its innovative concept, this startup is revolutionizing the Clean Energy and Renewable Energy industries.

OPEN Technologies


OPEN Technologies, founded by Donovan Woollard and Eesmyal Santos-Brault, creates data tools to help city-shapers make pro-climate decisions with confidence, contributing greatly to the Energy Efficiency and Software industries.

Volta Technique


Volta Technique specializes in clean energy storage technology, creating innovative solutions to promote Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy. This startup is advancing low-emission technologies in the energy sector.

Lambda Science


Lambda Science uses AI to help home builders build energy efficient homes, on the same budget, and comply with new regulations. The startup is revolutionizing the Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, and Construction industries.



Founded by Guru Kalyanraman, Enerva specializes in lowering greenhouse gas emissions by providing energy efficiency programs and management services. The startup is improving the Energy Efficiency and Energy Management industries with its progressive solutions.



Pollen uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve energy efficiency. The startup is making great strides in the Artificial Intelligence, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Management Industries.

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