Which Canadian Developer Platform Startups are Influencing Tech Industry in 2023?

Welcome to CanadaVenture.news, the definitive resource for in-depth profiles and features on cutting-edge Canadian start-ups. Today, we’re exploring the bustling landscape of Developer Platform start-ups – a category that includes exciting forays into areas such as biotechnology, fintech, gaming and more. Below, we’ll introduce you to 15 such start-ups, each offering a unique and innovative developer-centric solution.

These enterprises leverage the latest developments in technology, including cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, and apply them to a variety of sectors from health care to video gaming. And at the center of them all is one commonality: the developer platform, providing a foundation from which to build, innovate, and create the further future.

So, let’s dive in and get acquainted with these fascinating ventures.

Notch Therapeutics

Notch Therapeutics operates in the intersection of biotechnology, health care and developer platforms. Founded by Ashton Trotman-Grant, Juan-Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker, and Peter Zandstra, Notch is working on a next-generation pipeline geared towards initial cancer cells, pushing boundaries in the fight against cancer.


With a vision to transform the way researchers collaborate and share their work, Curvenote is enhancing scientific discovery. Founded by Lindsey Heagy, Rowan Cockett, and Steve Purves, Curvenote operates within the developer platform, publishing, and software industries.

Formula Consulting

Offering innovative digital solutions for civil construction projects, Formula Consulting’s software reduces time and cost, proving a beneficial tool for the industry. Unfortunately, they do not currently have a website.


Transforming programming into a playful and engaging experience, Battlesnake makes technology fun. The brainchild of Brad Van Vugt, Battlesnake stands at the crossroads of developer platforms, developer tools, and gaming.

CodeZero Technologies Inc.

At CodeZero Technologies Inc. the focus is on developing tools for Kubernetes. Founded by David Shore, Narayan Sainaney, and Reed Clayton, the company is making its mark in a range of industries including cloud infrastructure, cloud management, developer platforms, developer tools, and enterprise applications.

TrueNorth Quantum

As a cloud platform provider, TrueNorth Quantum delivers a secure, scalable, and advanced rapid-build platform for decentralized and blockchain applications. This nameless brand caters to multiple sectors, including blockchain, cloud computing, quantum computing, and more.

Cloud Chamber

Create and entertain with Cloud Chamber. This gaming studio develops video games and offers entertainment creation services. The founders remain unknown, but their contributions to the computer, developer platform, and video game industries do not.


Simplicity delivers a private mortgage application platform for brokers and borrowers alike, simplifying the application process. Founded by Neil N. Babiy, Simplicity works within developer platforms, financial services, and fintech.


Showcasing spaces like never before, SpaceCard offers the VR Postcard. Founded by Milan Baić, SpaceCard navigates through the augmented reality, developer platform, and virtual reality industries.


Tally is a mobile platform that enables content creators to host their interactive shows. Founded by Alex Au, Tally proves its versatility by straddling the content, content creation, and developer platform sectors.

Semantic Brain

Working on financial AI products, Semantic Brain offers tools for investment analysis, data visualization, and intelligence augmentation. The company profitably merges the fields of artificial intelligence, data visualization, developer platforms, as well as financial services.


Assister.Ai, created by Hamidreza Mahyar, Keyvan M. Sadeghi, and Sasan Ahmadi Asl, is looking to the future with their developer tools for conversational AI assistants. This leading-edge business combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language procession, and software.

Telica Microbials

Combining three powerful tools, Telica Microbials promotes plant health. This endeavor, founded by Leonardo Solorzano Buitrago, is making impressive strides in the biotechnology, developer platform, and health care industries.

Adaga Solutions

The experienced team at Adaga Solutions have backgrounds in programing, geosteering, geology, and drilling engineering. Melding proficiency from multiple fields, this group caters to several sectors such as developer platforms, security, and software.


A communication and support tool provider for non-profit organizations, Izzy prioritizes community development. Founders Eric Jensen and Toby Biggs have paved a revolutionary path in developer platforms, information technology, and non-profit sectors.

And that concludes our feature on Canada’s Developer Platform start-ups. While coming from diverse sectors and industries, these innovative ventures share a common theme – harnessing the power of developer platforms to build the future of technology.

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