Which Canadian Corporate Training Startups Are Innovating the Industry in 2023?

Modern businesses thrive on innovation, technology, and continuous learning. This is no different for Canadian startups who are setting global standards by leveraging technology to transform corporate training. This article presents a deep dive into 15 unique Corporate Training startups from Canada, each dynamically innovating in the niche. We will examine their solutions, the industries they serve, and the inventive minds behind them. All of these startups are unique in their approach, yet they are unified by a common goal – to redefine corporate training and learning.

Korbit Technologies

Founded by Ansona Ching, Ekaterina Kochmar and Iulian Serban, Korbit Technologies provides award-winning AI-driven corporate data science and AI training. Their solutions span across multiple industries, including AI, Corporate Training, Education, IT, Machine Learning, MOOC, Natural Language Processing, and Software.

Viewpoint AI

Viewpoint AI is an AI-powered decision software company founded by Charles Newton Price, Dave Hawkins, and Kurt Pichler. It merges human and machine intelligence to augment human skill levels across different industries like Artificial Intelligence, Corporate Training, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Internet, Machine Learning, SaaS, and Software.

Cytophage Technologies

Cytophage Technologies is working on developing bacteriophages and serves in the Corporate Training and Health Care industries.


Co-founded by Aayush Kathuria, Skillqore is an AI-based learning platform that streamlines the process of discovering, curating, and tracking learning for individuals and organizations. Their framework serves the AI, Corporate Training, EdTech, Education, Internet, Machine Learning, MOOC, SaaS, and Software industries.


Fueled by the innovative approach of founder Camilo Rivera, Apprendo is a SaaS platform that aids training managers in procuring, deploying, and managing certification via a single interface. The platform works within the realms of Corporate Training, EdTech, Education, Higher Education, Hospital, Human Resources, SaaS, Software, and Training.


Founded by Jose Azares, NIDUM is an Immersive Tech Startup that creates immersive recruiting, onboarding, and training modules. They operate in the Corporate Training, E-Learning, Employment, Information Technology, Recruiting, SaaS, Software, Training, and Virtual Reality industries.


Numigi, co-founded by Bruno Joliveau, Julien Jézéquel-Bréard, and Quentin Lavallée-Bourdeau, is a web apps development company located in Longueuil and Quebec. Numigi specializes in Odoo ERP and Konvergo integration.

Raw Signal Group

Raw Signal Group, founded by Johnathan Nightingale and Melissa Nightingale, aims to create better bosses via industry-focused training solutions.


SpeedSense helps enterprises increase their profits by boosting their website’s performance through training and SaaS monitoring. They operate in the Application Performance Management, Consulting, Corporate Training, E-Commerce, and SaaS sectors.

Toronto Auto Consulting

Founded by Jon Toker, Toronto Auto Consulting offers management consultancy services for OEMs and franchised car dealerships.


DjamgaTech provides educational training and certification courses for IT professionals in various industry sectors like Corporate Training, Education, and Training.

Jonathan Bennett Executive Coaching

At Jonathan Bennett Executive Coaching, executives receive coaching and trusted advisory services for their professional development.

Evoke Canada

Evoke is an IT event platform that fosters connections between technology, academia, research, and industry via its creative collection of conferences and seminars.


LeadTribes develops the professional and leadership potential of entrepreneurs through character-training, actions, and organic relationships.

Sales Playbook Builder

Sales Playbook Builder facilitates the professional growth of organizations through their comprehensive training, coaching, and consulting services.

In conclusion, these innovative Canadian startups are reshaping the corporate training landscape through their tech-driven solutions. They are an embodiment of the future of corporate training – adaptable, innovative, and technology-led.

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