Who are Newfoundland’s Most Influential Software Startups in 2023?

Startups have been known to make huge changes in various industries and are increasingly being recognized for their innovative contributions to the economy. This trend extends to the Canadian startup scene, with Newfoundland, in particular, standing out for the plethora of software startups harbouring within. These startups range from a diversity of fields such as analytics, information technology, augmented reality, robotics, and much more. Below, we’ll take a detailed look at 15 such software startups based in Newfoundland.


SiftMed provides an AI platform designed to analyze and review unstructured medical data efficiently. Operating in the realms of analytics and software, the team at SiftMed is on a mission to revolutionize the way we approach healthcare data.

Oliver POS

The retail industry wouldn’t be the same without point of sale technology, and Oliver POS knows it. Co-founded by Mathias K. Nielsen, it brings an innovative point of sale software to assist merchants in their day-to-day tasks.


Co-founded by Darryl Day, Liam Cadigan, and Matthew Noseworthy, InspectAR is set to revolutionize the information technology industry with its artificial intelligence and augmented reality solutions.


The brainchild of Andrew Sinclair, TotaliQ is a tool that helps companies share and tap into the expertise of their staff. It simplifies resource optimization and productivity enhancement.


Known for its contributions to customer-centric data analytics, HYKE, under the leadership of Sid Eskandari, sets the bar high for transparency and data-intensive solutions.

Averro Robotics and Technology

Co-founded by Jesse McCaw, Averro Robotics aims to provide robotic solutions for various industries. Thus, aligning the industrial world with modern technological advancements.


NextCheck, co-founded by Eoin Seviour and Marty Whelan, developed a cloud-based maintenance tracking software, particularly for aircraft, digitizing much of the aerospace industry’s manual workload.


Centoro, with its cloud-based HR platform, brings modern solutions to employee management workflows, starting from recruitment to everyday functioning.


Barath Sundar’s venture, MechMonkey, stands out in the automotive industry for its unique software platform, simplifying the car service process.


trophi.ai is an innovative e-sports coaching company that augments performance with data-backed strategies. It distinctly merges gaming with technological advancements.


Josh Taylor’s startup, TxtSquad, is focused on developing mobile and web apps to drive sales and service processes using text messages. This brings a fresh approach to business-client interactions.


Started by Ali Alfosool and Bo Simango, Aquafort is on a mission to fortify the aquaculture industry with the help of AI and machine learning.

Eterio Realities

Eterio Realities stands out with its focus on 3D technology. They develop software tools specifically for augmented reality production, thereby moulding the future of digital interactions.

Creatros Technologies Inc

Founded by Arifusalam Shaikh, Ashley Sullivan and Monjur Ul Hasan, Creatros Technologies Inc develops internal support plugins for tech companies. Thus, easing technological processes and customer service simultaneously.

North Star Payroll

Last in the list but not the least, North Star Payroll is shaping the financial scene by providing solutions to streamline payroll processing, thus simplifying the often complex task.

Newfoundland’s startup scene flourishes with these companies continually pushing boundaries and driving innovation. These bold ventures are leaving no stone unturned towards making significant strides in their respective fields, for the betterment of the nation and the world.

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