Who Are Manitoba’s Most Influential Software Startups in 2023?

Manitoba may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about technology and innovation, but it’s a hub of vibrant tech startups. The software start-up landscape in the province is thriving, with entrepreneurs developing solutions ranging from artificial intelligence and data analytics to platform creation and e-commerce. Let’s dive into 15 of the most interesting software startups emerging from this prairie province.


3Common is stepping into the world of event organization through its marketplace, which aims to simplify social planning for individuals and enhance consumer retention for event organizers. Brayden Kehler, Bud Broesky, and Ethan Toews launched this venture to breakthrough in the industries of Advertising Platforms, Events, Reservations, Software, and Ticketing.


Addressing an ever-urgent need for road safety, MicroTraffic is a GovTech startup utilizing data as a service model for road safety video analytics delivery. This startup founded by Craig Milligan and Joel Penner explores the intersections of Transportation and Software, using AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics technologies.


Canada’s first marketplace for mobile devices, DeviceList, simplifies the search for high-quality, pre-owned, warranty-backed mobile devices. Kyle Jagassar and Zac Ashraf founded this startup, which stands at the crossroads of E-Commerce, Mobile Devices, Software, and Telecommunications.


FastLaw is a team of world-renowned specialists dedicated to making life easier for entrepreneurs via their tech competence. Founders Nikolay Tyurnikov and Vadim Polulyakh are revolutionizing the industries of B2B, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Software.


As the emerging technology division of 24-7 Intouch, Laivly established by Jeff Fettes leverages Artificial Intelligence for its software solution, contributing to the fields of Information Technology and Software.

DueNorth Systems

DueNorth Systems focus on the development of applications and management of CI/CD(Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) concerning educational technologies. Founders James Warren and Jared Kozak are bringing new capabilities to the Education industry via their innovative startup.


Renterii’s app simplifies the process of finding and renting spaces. This startup stands for innovation in the Apps and Software industries, learn more about Renterii here.

Pluto Ventures

Pluto Ventures is an artificial intelligence startup contributing to the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software. Chris Schmidt founded this ambitious venture with the future of tech in mind.

Tooth Secret View (TSV)

Committed to using Artificial Intelligence in the field of dentistry, Tooth Secret View (TSV) is a startup by founders Amin Saffar far, Atieh Nowrouzi, and Mohammad Izadseta. TSV is leveraging AI and machine learning, extensively using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to revolutionize health care.

Carbon Block

Carbon Block, founded by Justin Phillips, is a tech startup with a focus on providing both hardware and software solutions necessary for the generation of verified carbon credits, venturing into Blockchain, Environmental Consulting, and Software.


RoofBundle, founded by David Peters, is a software solution providing accurate on-site roofing estimates for residential and commercial buildings. RoofBundle is revolutionizing Building Maintenance and other associated industries like Commercial, Residential, and Software.


Founders of Revvo, specializes in an automated review platform for small and local businesses. Through its offerings, Revvo is steadily growing its influence in the markets of Consumer Reviews, Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Software.

Aliph Tech

Aliph Tech, co-founded by Najam Us Saqib and Umer Nawab, prides itself on offering innovative, cost-effective technology and outsourcing solutions to businesses. This startup impacts several industries including Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Outsourcing, Software, Web Apps, Web Development.

First Descent Software

Serving the Sales and Marketing industries, First Descent Software creates and integrates new software tools. The startup is well-poised to disrupt the realm of Software Engineering and Sales Automation.


Last but definitely not least, NBNZ innovates in the health care industry by providing a machine learning-based solution for the early detection of cognitive disorders in MS patients. Founders Behrang Naderi, Neda Miri Ashtiani, and Seyedeh Naghmeh Miri Ashtiani have combined their expertise in Health Care and Software to address this critical health issue.

The above are just some of the many startups in Manitoba that are reimagining the possibilities in software. Through continual innovation, the province is steadily staking its claim as an emerging global technology hub.

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