Elevate Your Events: 15 Must-Know Canadian Startups Making Waves!

Redefining the Event Industry: 15 Innovative Startups in Canada.

As the world embraces a new era of innovation and technology, the event industry is also experiencing a remarkable transformation. In Canada, a thriving hub of entrepreneurial spirit, several startups have emerged, revolutionizing the way events are planned, executed, and experienced. Let’s dive into the world of these fascinating Canadian event startups that are shaping the future of the industry.

Planned: Redefining In-Person Events

Planned is a platform that seeks to redefine the way in-person events are planned and executed. With an array of user-friendly features, Planned aims to make event organization efficient and hassle-free. Founders Emeric Noel and Marc-Antoine Bonin have crafted a platform that streamlines event management, making it an indispensable tool for organizers across the country.

Ordr: Elevating Experiences Within Venues

Ordr is an enterprise-level SaaS platform specializing in premium experiences within venues. By seamlessly integrating food and beverage services, Ordr enhances the overall event experience for attendees. Co-founded by Evan Wain and Jade Chiles, Ordr is redefining the way we enjoy events by providing top-notch services within the comfort of a venue.

3Common: Unlocking Social Planning Efficiency

Bringing innovation to social planning, 3Common is a marketplace that solves inefficient social planning for individuals while ensuring consumer retention for event organizers. Brayden Kehler, Bud Broesky, and Ethan Toews are the minds behind this ingenious platform that fosters better connections and unforgettable experiences.

The Happenin Company: Simplifying Group Bookings

The Happenin Company is on a mission to digitize and simplify group bookings for social occasions and experiences. Utilizing big data and business intelligence, founders Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, and Charles Plant have created a platform that optimizes event planning and enhances group interactions.

Alberta Esports Association: Fostering Esports Events

The Alberta Esports Association is a non-profit organization that plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting esports events while connecting with local gaming communities. Their efforts have helped create a vibrant gaming ecosystem in the region.

Esports Tickets: Your Gateway to Esports Events

Esports Tickets is a free-to-use event platform that caters specifically to gaming and esports enthusiasts. Founder Arwina Mogul envisions a platform that brings gamers together, allowing them to engage in thrilling esports events.

GenXP: Unlocking Virtual Event Potential

With a vision to engage audiences in limitless ways, GenXP is a virtual event platform that combines 3D technology and virtual reality. The founders have created an immersive experience for event attendees, bringing virtual events to the forefront of the industry.

Waveform: A Gateway to the Gaming Industry

Waveform is a full-service agency that provides clients with guidance and access to the gaming industry. By combining audio, digital marketing, and social media strategies, Waveform has carved a niche for itself in this dynamic sector.

Tasttlig: Uniting Cultures through Food Festivals

Tasttlig is an online food festival platform that fosters multicultural experiences by creating and hosting engaging food festivals. Founder Nabil Mensah aims to connect people through a shared love of diverse cuisines and culinary traditions.

Macgregor Communications: Elevating Event Production

Macgregor Communications is a premier events-producing company that delivers seamless and unforgettable experiences. The team behind this venture ensures that every event is executed with precision and flair.

Ticket Tribe: Streamlining Online Ticket Sales

Ticket Tribe is a platform that streamlines the process of selling tickets online. The founders have crafted an easy-to-use platform that simplifies ticket sales for event organizers, leading to increased efficiency and ticket sales.

Root Creative: Empowering Event Management

Root Creative offers a suite of services, including content creation, trade marketing, brand strategy, consulting, and event management. Founder Jessica Brown and her team are dedicated to empowering brands through creative and impactful events.

Legal Creatives: Innovating Legal Entrepreneurship

Legal Creatives consults and trains legal entrepreneurs, promoting innovation and creativity in the legal industry. Founder Tessa Manuello envisions a future where legal professionals embrace technology and creativity to drive positive change.

The Collective Workspace: Fostering Collaboration and Community

The Collective Workspace provides coworking and social space, creating an environment that fosters collaboration and community-building. This venture, founded with a vision for shared growth, has become a haven for like-minded individuals.

Moken: Guiding Startups on the Road to Success

Moken serves as a global hub for startups and founders, providing guidance throughout the journey of building successful ventures. Co-founded by Kendra Garagan and Mohamed Ibshara, Moken offers a wealth of resources, including angel investment, consulting, marketing, and personal branding services.


The Canadian events startup scene is brimming with innovation and creativity, reflecting the country’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. From redefining event planning to enhancing virtual experiences, these 15 startups are shaping the future of the event industry in Canada and beyond. With their dedication to excellence and customer-centric approach, they are set to make a lasting impact, reimagining the way we connect and celebrate together.

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