Social Revolution: 15 Vancouver Startups Shaping the Digital Landscape!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is home to a burgeoning startup scene, and within it, a diverse range of innovative social startups is making their mark. These startups are disrupting industries, connecting people, and providing unique solutions to modern-day challenges. In this article, we’ll showcase and explore 15 interesting social startups that are thriving in Vancouver. Empowering Collaboration Between Influencers and SMEs is a pioneering Creator Ecosystem that automates collaborations between Influencers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This platform bridges the gap between content creators and businesses, empowering influencers to monetize their reach and SMEs to leverage the power of influencer marketing. With a focus on content creators, digital marketing, and marketing automation, is transforming the way brands connect with their audience.

Blossom Social: Empowering Retail Investors through a Social Network

Blossom Social is redefining how retail investors make informed investment decisions. By providing a social network specifically designed for investors, Blossom Social fosters an engaging environment where investors can share insights, collaborate, and learn from each other. With a strong focus on financial services and fintech, Blossom Social is democratizing financial knowledge and helping investors grow their wealth.

Roomvu: AI-Driven Real Estate Marketing on Social Media

Roomvu harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide ready-made hyper-local videos for realtors. These videos can be personalized and seamlessly integrated into real estate agents’ social media marketing strategies. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, Roomvu is at the forefront, empowering agents to reach a wider audience through captivating visual content.

Renaissance: Amplifying Artists’ Streaming Traction

Renaissance offers a platform that enables artists to amplify their streaming traction and connect with their most devoted fans. This private social networking app for musicians and creators fosters a sense of community while helping artists gain more exposure in a competitive industry. Renaissance’s innovative approach to music promotion is changing the game for aspiring artists.

Loop Inc.: Unleashing the Wisdom of the Masses

Loop Inc. introduces a novel social network that facilitates multi-participatory discussions. By tapping into the collective wisdom of users, Loop Inc. fosters meaningful conversations and encourages diverse perspectives. This unique social platform empowers individuals to engage in discussions that span various topics and interests. Empowering the Gig Economy blurs the lines between social media and the gig economy. This platform acts as an encyclopedia of services, connecting users globally with customized tasks, gigs, and jobs. With a strong focus on big data and human resources, enables individuals to find opportunities anywhere, anytime.

Orderinbox: Social Commerce in the Metaverse

Orderinbox is a groundbreaking social commerce platform designed for the metaverse. As blockchain and cryptocurrency continue to shape the future of digital interactions, Orderinbox enables users to engage in social media-driven e-commerce within virtual environments.

Collabstr: Where Brands and Creators Unite

Collabstr boasts the title of the world’s largest marketplace connecting brands and creators. By bridging the gap between content creators and brands, Collabstr facilitates fruitful partnerships that benefit both parties. In a world increasingly reliant on influencer marketing, Collabstr has become an essential resource for businesses and creators alike.

DistantTwins: A New Era of Social Media Entertainment

DistantTwins presents a fresh approach to social media entertainment. This application offers a unique form of entertainment that captures users’ attention in creative and innovative ways. With a focus on celebrity and gaming, DistantTwins is making waves in the social media landscape.

Nava Ventures: Banking for Social Impact

Nava Ventures is a trailblazing FinTech startup that seeks to change how people bank while making a positive impact on the planet. With a focus on social impact, Nava Money App offers innovative banking solutions that align with users’ values.

50mMidas: A Cross-Platform Digital Media Company

50mMidas is a cross-platform digital media company that combines content creation and entertainment. With a focus on content creators and media, 50mMidas brings captivating experiences to audiences across various digital platforms.

Active Replica: Simplifying Virtual Worlds

Active Replica simplifies virtual worlds by providing an all-in-one platform for users to meet, connect, and engage in 3D environments. This social network with a focus on virtual reality opens up new possibilities for communication and collaboration in the digital realm.

Purposely: Revolutionizing Employee Experience

Purposely is revolutionizing employee experience for highly engaged companies. With a focus on employee benefits and human resources, Purposely’s SaaS platform fosters a sense of purpose and community among employees.

Newsly: Audio Trending News Aggregator

Newsly is an innovative mobile application that aggregates trending news and content in audio format. By providing a seamless way to stay updated on current events, Newsly bridges the gap between information and user convenience.

Podyssey: Discovering the World of Podcasts

Podyssey is an app designed to help users find and explore podcasts and episodes. With a focus on podcasting and social media, Podyssey is empowering podcast enthusiasts to discover new content and connect with like-minded individuals.


Vancouver’s social startup scene is a vibrant ecosystem filled with innovative ideas and solutions that address the needs of modern society. The startups mentioned above are just a glimpse of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit driving positive change in various industries. From influencer marketing to virtual reality, these startups are reshaping the way we interact, collaborate, and do business in the digital age. As the startup landscape continues to evolve, Vancouver remains a hub for social entrepreneurs who are committed to making a difference in their communities and beyond.

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