Exploring Quebec’s Most Influential Biotech Startups: Disrupting Healthcare in 2023?

Biotechnology is a booming industry in Quebec, with a host of innovative startups pushing the boundaries to develop unique products and solutions. From creating sustainable food alternatives to advancing the field of personalised medicine, these companies are making substantial contributions to various sectors. Let’s get to know some of these intriguing startups that are driving the future of biotechnology in Quebec.

Situated in a province known for its vibrant research ecosystem and robust health technology sector, these biotech startups are destined to leave a mark not only within Canada but also globally. They are propelled by exemplary leadership, tackling some of the most pressing challenges of the modern era.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world of these biotech startups and discover what they offer.

Cannara Biotech

Founded by Zohar Krivorot, Cannara Biotech is an ambitious company dedicated to running the largest indoor medical cannabis cultivation facility. Operating within the Biotechnology, Cannabis, and Health Care sectors, the startup aims to create medical solutions leveraging the potential of Cannabis.

Congruence Therapeutics

Congruence Therapeutics is a biotechnology company pioneering within the medical field. Although the founders’ details are not specified, they lead the company in exploring novel therapies for various health issues.


Founded by Benjamin De Leener, Gabriel Mangeat, and Jacques Michiels, ChrysaLabs combines Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Information Technology to aid precision agriculture. It works on developing real-time, portable, and accurate soil fertility assessment technology, helping farmers optimize their farming practices.

Thryv Therapeutics

Team of Anthony Rosenzweig and Paul F. Truex are behind Thryv Therapeutics. Focusing on Biotechnology and Therapeutics, they follow a precision medicine approach to treat patients with Long QT Syndrome and potentially other arrhythmias.


Dispersa, founded by Nivatha Balendra, revolutionizes the biotechnology, chemical, and cleantech industries by harnessing the power of microbe-derived natural solutions to decarbonize the chemicals industry.


With Adnan Oomer and Aqib Oomer at the helm, Blackfruit operates at the intersection of Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and Sustainability, to develop impactful biotech solutions for the agri sector.

Saguaro Technologies

Saguaro Technologies offers innovative drug discovery technologies to combat human diseases. Integrating Biotechnology, Health Care, and Medical sectors, the founders lead the company towards a healthier future.


Plakk, founded by Kashif Khan, merges Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Health Care, and Machine Learning. It provides clinicians and researchers with an AI-powered platform to thoroughly assess the danger posed by plaque.

TATUM bioscience

Founded by Jean-François Millau, Kevin Neil, and Sébastien Rodrigue, TATUM Bioscience stands at the intersection of Biopharma, Biotechnology, Genetics, Health Care, Life Science, and Therapeutics. It specialises in the development of synthetic live biotherapeutics.

Jenthera Therapeutics

Laurent Ziri spearheads Jenthera Therapeutics, a biotechnology company committed to precision gene alteration.

Morphocell Technologies

Under the leadership of Massimiliano Paganelli, Morphocell Technologies operates as a regenerative medicine company, leading advances in the biotechnology sector.


Immugenia is an early-stage immuno-oncology company in the realm of Biotechnology and Therapeutics. The founders are committed to creating viable and groundbreaking solutions for cancer treatment.


Pierre Normandin founded Meatleo, a food biotechnology company that has taken an intriguing approach to meet growing meat demands responsibly. It produces real meat from muscle stem cells acquired from cattle, offering a sustainable food alternative.

Opalia Foods

Initiated by Jennifer Côté and Lucas House, Opalia Foods offers BetterMilk – the first Canadian milk made with mammary cells. This Biotechnology and Food and Beverage startup is a remarkable example of innovation.


Founded by Benjamin Yam, Elle Edin, and Fiona Simpson, BioMimir specialises in regenerative medicine. They represent a novel, pre-seed medical device company in the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Medical Device industries.

In summary, Quebec’s biotech startup scene is incredibly dynamic, offering unique solutions for a range of sectors. From harnessing the power of AI to promoting sustainability, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, redefining the future of biotechnology.

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