Who Are Quebec’s Most Influential Marketplace Startups in 2023?

The province of Quebec has proven to be a fertile incubation ground for startups. The area’s specific focus on supporting tech-based initiatives has led to the growth of a diverse array of marketplace startups. These companies cater to a spectrum of sectors ranging from industrial automation to tourism. Here’s a closer look at 15 of these startups that are making an impact in the marketplace domain:


Axya, founded by Félix Bélisle-Dockrill and Nicolas Gauthier, is creating a new standard for the subcontracting process. The startup’s platform centralizes and standardizes the procedure, making it easy to use. With a focus on Industrial Automation and Manufacturing, Axya is significantly impacting the marketplace industry.


Billdr, a startup by Bertrand Nembot, François Jullien, and Hugo Piso, is making home renovations simpler, transparent, and more efficient. Their unique platform caters to the Construction and Home Renovation industry.


A startup dedicated to sustainable designs, Goodee is an online destination for home and lifestyle products. Founders Byron Peart, and Dexter Peart have created an aesthetically pleasing and diverse marketplace that embraces a sustainable philosophy.


B2B Quotes, founded Mathieu Plante, is a managed marketplace where businesses can find the most relevant service providers. Their helloDarwin supports a range of business needs, from digital marketing to web development


An automotive marketplace providing an end-to-end online buying & selling experience, Shopicar is the brainchild of Alain Lapierre, Marc Somma, and Philippe Desjardins. The platform brings ease and convenience to the car purchasing process in this virtual era.


With a focus on mobile apparel, Tote offers its users a variety of brands on its AI-powered mobile platform. Founders Chad Sarrouf, Ege Karabuk, and Jacob Sytner have transformed the shopping experience with their unique marketplace.


Sinistar, led by Alexis Vertefeuille, is an online marketplace for posting, finding, and renting temporary disaster housing. The platform provides a much-needed solution for individuals and families in times of crisis.


WeChalet, founded by Dany Papineau, is an online platform where travelers can find & book vacation rentals in nature offered by peers. The portal acts as a bridge between hosts and visitors, making the rental process more transparent and reliable.


Piecemeal, founded by Christopher Wells and Oz Trachtman, offers a free restaurant management platform. Through the platform, they also provide a marketplace for related services, combining technology and the foodservice industry for maximum efficiency.


SweetData.io is a unique data marketplace for machine learning and big data purposes. Users can explore, buy, sell, and download datasets through their platform.


Hivenue is a community marketplace for people to list and book spaces with like-minded roommates. This ingenious initiative brings a fresh approach to roommate selection and compatibility.


Founded by Miryam Pinsonneault, Resold is a pre-owned luxury fashion marketplace that offers both buying and selling options. Resold focuses on the high-end fashion market, making it accessible to a wider audience through their platform.


Bidgala is an online art community and marketplace that gives aspiring artists a platform to showcase and sell their work. The platform also offers avid art enthusiasts and collectors an opportunity to explore and acquire unique pieces.


Founded by Mutaz Majdoub, GGEZ1 is a GameFi deals marketplace and asset-backed cryptocurrency rewards token provider. The startup is tapping into the lucrative gaming market, integrating it with digital finance.


Oxilia, initiated by Francois Asselin, is a unique online veterinary recruitment marketplace, matching animal-health professionals and veterinary clinics. Oxilia brings a niche approach to the HR tech industry and the veterinary sector.

In conclusion, these startups illustrate Quebec’s wider ecosystem of innovation, showcasing how technology and entrepreneurial spirit can turn creative ideas into practical and successful ventures. These companies are shaping industries and will continue to do so as they grow and evolve.

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