Which Canadian Autonomous Vehicle Startups Are Shaping the Industry’s Future?

Canada’s startup ecosystem is not only vibrant but also home to some groundbreaking technology in the automotive sector. A growing number of startups are leveraging innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotics to revolutionize the autonomous vehicle industry in Canada and around the world. These startups are at the forefront of creating futuristic solutions for transportation, logistics, safety, and much more. Here are some of the most interesting autonomous vehicles startups that have sprung from the rich technological soil of Canada.

These startups stand out not only for the innovation behind their solutions but also for their clear vision of a future where autonomous vehicles are commonplace. They are at the vanguard of cutting-edge technology, harnessing the power of things like AI, Robotics, or Big Data, to solve pressing global challenges and reshape the world of transportation as we know it.

These pioneers are breaking new ground, testing the limits of what’s possible, and paving the way for a future that once seemed like a far-off dream. Here’s a closer look at each of these innovative startups:


Waabi is an AI company that has specialized in the commercialization of driverless trucks. Founded by Raquel Urtasun, Waabi is at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, and Transportation.

Barnstorm Agtech

Co-founded by Mitchell London and Parker Wells, Barnstorm Agtech is a robotic swarm-farming venture offering an open platform for precision and power deployment of farm technology. Their work is predominantly in Agriculture, AgTech, Autonomous Vehicles, and Robotics.

NuPort Robotics

NuPort Robotics is a startup specializing in Autonomous Driving. Founded by Bao Xin Chen and Raghavender Sahdev, NuPort is shaping the future of Autonomous Vehicles, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.


The brainchild of Craig Milligan and Joel Penner, MicroTraffic is reshaping road safety with their Video Analytics Data-as-a-Service. They operate in various industries including Analytics, AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, and more.


Providing a modular battery for industrial vehicles, Stacktronic is the brainchild of Ethan Hamshaw, Keith Teeple, and Nicolas Benais-Thomson. Their solution allows users to create a battery of any size, essentially functioning like LEGOs.


ContRoL is a startup with a focus on developing a range of vehicles for controlled release. It operates mainly in the Autonomous Vehicles and Mechanical Engineering industries.


Co-founders Abi Chandra and Gonzalo Espinoza Graham envision a future where people fly within cities. Watfly is developing the technology to enable this, with their work centered in Aerospace, Autonomous Vehicles, and Electric Vehicles.

Lux Modus Ltd.

Specializing in 3D Mapping, Lux Modus Ltd. is a joint venture by co-founders Joseph Hlady, Lance Fugate, and Matthew Glazner. Their service areas extend to Autonomous Vehicles, Construction, Geospatial and other Industrial areas.


Making the challenges of developing autonomous vehicles manageable, Ettractive was co-founded by Pat Troy and Viren Singh. It operates predominantly in the Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, and Recreational Vehicles space.

GoElectric Vehicle Corporation

As an electric vehicle dealer and service provider,GoElectric Vehicle Corporation, founded by David Lloyd, is contributing to the Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicle, and Transportation industry in Canada.


Creating the first pilotless airline, Ribbit was co-founded by Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang. They are helping shape the future of Aerospace, Autonomous Vehicles, Logistics, and more.

Inverted AI

UBC spinout company Inverted AI, founded by Adam Ścibior, is building a proprietary software that predicts human driving behavior. They operate chiefly in the fields of AI, Autonomous Vehicles, and Machine Learning.

Sensor Cortek

Co-founded by Robert Laganiere, Sensor Cortek is creating embedded AI solutions for the vehicle of the future. It primarily operates in 3D Technology, AI, Autonomous Vehicles, and other related fields.

Ladybug Robotics

Founded by Amirmasoud Ghasemi and Hani Eskandari, Ladybug Robotics is revolutionizing the agricultural sector by developing automation tools to boost the productivity of grape growers.


Dataforge.ai is at the forefront of AI Machine Learning applications, offering data annotation for these applications. They primarily operate in Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Data Integration, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software.

Each of these companies highlighted here is pushing boundaries, imagining a new future, and making a broad impact on the autonomous vehicles industry and beyond. Their work is setting up Canada to be a global leader in the autonomous vehicles sector and is a testament to the innovative spirit and technological prowess of Canadian startups. Stay tuned to witness the exciting advancements these startups will bring to the autonomous vehicle industry and how they will transform our everyday life.

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