Which Canadian Clean Energy Startups Are Influencing 2023 Environmental Trends?

With climate change becoming more tangible than ever, innovators and entrepreneurs are making strides in developing technological solutions to help mitigate and reverse the impact. Clean energy is at the forefront of these innovative developments and Canada is leading the charge. According to the Government of Canada, 82 percent of Canada’s electricity comes from non-greenhouse gas emitting sources. From novel electricity solutions to next-generation materials, Canadian startups are making impressive strides in renewable and clean energy technologies. The following are just some of Canada’s trailblazing startups who are changing the clean energy landscape as we know it.

The Canadian clean energy sector is demonstrating signs of robust growth as more investors shift their focus towards clean tech startups. The surge of green technology startups is not only bringing commendable leaps in environmental sustainability but is also acting as a potent force for economic growth and job creation. As clean technologies are evolving, they are helping reshape various industries including transportation, energy, and waste management to name just a few.

An influx of innovative energy solutions has made the task of shortlisting Canada’s most promising clean energy startups a tough one. However, we’ve rounded up 15 startups that stand apart for their trailblazing technologies and overall contribution to building a more sustainable future. Each startup in this list has been selected based on their innovative approach, growth potential, and impact on clean energy production.


Ionomr is a Canadian startup that is revolutionizing the clean energy sector with its unique products; Aemion™ & Pemion™. These next-generation ion-exchange materials aid in clean technology applications, notably those involving electrochemistry. Founded by Benjamin Britton and Bill Haberlin, the team’s advanced expertise straddles across a multitude of industries such as Advanced Materials, Battery, Chemical, Clean Energy, Electronics, Fuel Cell, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Water, and Water Purification.


Daanaa’s proprietary semiconductor technology provides power transactions that are medium and modality-free. This could be wired or wireless in AC/DC modes. Founders Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani have ventured their innovative solutions into the growing industries of Battery, Clean Energy, Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicle, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, and Solar.


Entropy is a Canadian startup with a mission to commercialize energy‐transition technologies. This startup offers solutions in the promising sector of Clean Energy and CleanTech.


Creators Alexandre Gibeault, Alvaro Macias Fernandez, and Jonathan Lamer bring a breath of fresh air to the Clean Energy industry with their startup Moduly. They envision a future of smart virtual power plants that offer resiliency, cost-saving, and clean energy.


Founded by Olugbenga Olubanjo, Reeddi is a technology company that creates sustainable solutions for producing clean and affordable electricity. Their work spans the industries of Clean Energy, Electrical Distribution, Energy, GreenTech, and Renewable Energy.


KILOWATTPACK is paving the way in the automobile industry with their mobile charging stations and electric carsharing services. Their operations extend across Automotive, Battery, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, GreenTech, Renewable Energy, Sharing Economy, and Solar industry.


Focused on harnessing the power of motion, Voltai aids marine industries in reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and stored energy. Voltai was founded by Maja Maher who is innovating within the fields of Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Marine Technology, and Renewable Energy.

Borrum Energy Solutions

With an objective to provide cost-effective clean energy wind solutions, Borrum Energy Solutions is a venture by Odilon Lemieux hoping to make a substantial impact on the Clean Energy, Energy sector.


Hydrolux is a green hydrogen production and distribution company. Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin, Julien Brunet, and Nicolas Dion are the brains behind this ingenious solution that resides in the industry of Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Management, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy.

Volta Technique

Volta Technique is pioneering in the field of clean energy storage technology. They are making a significant impact on the Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, and Energy Efficiency sectors.

National Thermovoltaics

Known for their groundbreaking technology in large scale, solid-state, low-temperature thermovoltaic generation (TVG), National Thermovoltaics is another remarkable startup betting big on Clean Energy, CleanTech, and Renewable Energy.

Carbon Zero Finance

Carbon Zero Finance has developed a modular carbon capture and outdoor air purification system with blockchain technology. This venture by Jai Kumar Joon is an outstanding contribution to the Clean Energy, CleanTech, GreenTech, and Pollution Control industries.


Offering advanced corrosion planning, mitigation, and prediction software, Atrasim is an innovative startup founded by Mark Huvenaars. This startup is making substantial contributions to the Clean Energy, Energy, and Software sectors.

Volterra Energy Marketplace

Volterra Energy Marketplace offers a blend of promising verticals such as Saas, Clean tech, Renewable energy, and Marketplace solutions. They are turning heads in the Clean Energy, CleanTech, Consulting, and Software industries.

Swordfish Energy

Swordfish Energy is a mission-driven company that uses its disruptive underwater turbine design to generate renewable clean energy. This innovation is adding significant value to the Clean Energy and CleanTech industries.

In conclusion, the surge of these startups underlines the fact that clean energy isn’t just the future, it is the present. The necessity to combat climate change has opened up endless possibilities. Canadian startups are light years ahead and are poised to lead the clean energy revolution, one innovative solution at a time.

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