Which Canadian Industrial Engineering Startups Are Revolutionizing the Industry?

In recent years, Canada has been cultivating a vibrant startup ecosystem, particularly in the Industrial Engineering sector. A diverse range of startups are at the forefront of this innovation, offering innovative solutions in quite a variety of industries, such as AI, advanced manufacturing, and 3D printing, just to name a few. In this article, we spotlight 15 remarkable Industrial Engineering startups that are making great strides in advancing their respective fields.

Each of these startups are unique and driven by talented founders with clear visions. They are not only contributing to Canada’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation and technological advancement, but also solving problematic issues faced by industries and society as a whole.

In understanding these startups, we hope to bring you inspiration and insight into the potential future of Industrial Engineering, as well as an appreciation for the talent and creativity buzzing within the Canadian tech ecosystem.


Founded by Abhijit Chatterjee, qualiTEAS is pioneering the transformation of asset integrity inspection practices with its revolutionary AI solution. This corrosion inspection and management company operates at the intersection of Computer Vision, Industrial Engineering, and Machine Learning.

Prototype Hubs

Prototype Hubs is an advanced manufacturing platform founded by Hassan Haymour, Mitchell Eaton, and Tien Nhan. The platform connects clients to a global network of manufacturing partners offering hundreds of instant prices in areas such as 3D Printing, Industrial Engineering, and Software.

Arch Engineers

Arch Engineers, founded by Devlin Fenton and Nigel Bester, offers AI facilitated structural engineering design and detailing services. They specialize in various fields, including CAD, Civil and Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Empire Industries

Empire Industries is a goal-oriented team committed to maintaining integrity. Founded by Guy Nelson, it operates within the spheres of Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Product Management.

Kaliber Chemicals

Founded by Todd Stauffer, Kaliber Chemicals is a distributor of chemicals for the petroleum, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agriculture sectors. It operates in the Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries.

Northern Circuits Inc.

Headed by Stephen Co, Northern Circuits is a firm specializing in the creation of kinetic art through science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Their work spans various fields including Art, Computer, Human Computer Interaction, Industrial Design, and Industrial Engineering.

Cultivated Innovation

Known for creating full-faceted packaging solutions, Cultivated Innovation serves a multitude of industries. Their specializations include Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Packaging Services, and Product Design.


Wainbee is a solutions provider known for its contribution to engineered systems, products, and services. They specialize in Advanced Materials, Industrial Automation, and Industrial Engineering.

Videns Analytics

Videns Analytics develops and deploys value-creating artificial intelligence solutions. They operate in the Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Engineering, and Information Technology industries.

Industrial Climate Solutions

Founded by Jeff Pallister and Richard Adamson, Industrial Climate Solutions develops and commercializes industrial process technologies to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. They operate in the Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries.

Advanced Upstream

Specializing in the oil and gas industries, Advanced Upstream provides engineering and production of advanced completion equipment along with testing services. Their expertise lies in Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing.


Founded by Laurent Manca, SMOOD is an innovative technology company dedicated to developing alternative vaping products supported by health and environmental concerns. They operate within the Electronics, Health Care, and Industrial Engineering industries.

AIP Industries

Offering a full suite of services, AIP Industries provides CNC machines manufacturing, product development, and engineering services within the Industrial Engineering and Machinery Manufacturing sectors.

Turbine X

With a focus on power generation, Turbine X specializes in solar turbines and industrial gas turbines for power generation, gas compression, as well as mechanical drive applications. They cover the Energy, Industrial Engineering, and Oil and Gas sectors.

Axis Control Solutions

An engineering company offering project management assistance, CNC, and robots software development services, Axis Control Solutions operates within the Industrial Engineering, Robotics, and Software sectors.

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