Which Canadian Personal Finance Startups Are Influencing 2023’s Financial Landscape?

As the world continues to embrace digital expansion, a handful of Canadian startups are challenging the traditional methods of personal finance, offering innovative and user-friendly solutions as they seek to transform this industry. These startups are redefining how individuals manage their finances in multiple aspects, including wealth management, insurance, crypto investing, healthcare payments, and more. To shine a light on these players, we’ve curated a list of fifteen interesting personal finance startups from Canada.

Each of these companies presents their unique solution to the market, aiming to simplify traditional financial processes or adress emerging needs in personal finance. From a platform for self-directed investors to a full-service billing service, these startups are not only adding value to finance management but are also contributing to the Canadian startup ecosystem.

Abiding by the hockey stick growth approach, these startups have pushed their weight and have shown remarkable innovation and resilience by coming up with these brilliant concepts. We delve deep into the startups’ history, their core services, and who their founders are, ultimately presenting a new wave of personal finance in Canada:


Founded by Andrew Ostro, Jeff, and Laura McKay, PolicyMe is simplifying the way life insurance is accessed. The startup operates within the education, finance, insurance, and personal finance industries, providing hassle-free life insurance solutions.


Passiv is a wealth automation platform for self-directed investors. Brendan Lee Young and Brendan Wood founded the startup aiming to provide a single dashboard from where investors can manage all their investments effectively. The system offers services within the realms of Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, Impact Investing, Personal Finance, Software, and Wealth Management.


Founded by Leanne Leblanc and Meredith Wasney, Rallie is a crypto investing platform specifically built with women in mind. The startup attracts and encourages women to delve into the finance and investment world, revolutionizing how they participate in the industry.


Ever, a prize-linked banking app, lets users save and earn money through rewards. The app operates in the Banking and Financial Services industry and introduces an innovative approach to personal finance.


With the belief that personal and professional development are key to progress, Jayson Hurstinen and Tilyna Pawer founded SFU LYFE. The platform provides resources for individuals to grow, connect, and have fun in a balanced way. This startup operates within various sectors, including Business Development, Career Planning, Lifestyle, Personal Branding, Personal Development, Personal Finance, Personal Health, Professional Networking, and Professional Services.


KAIRA, founded by Eric Mac Nicoll, François Boulet, and Patrice Bernard, offers a platform for managing employee finances. With this innovative initiative, they aim to achieve and maintain their employees’ well-being. The startup operates within the Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Human Resources, and Personal Finance sectors.


With the objective of streamlining the management of business operations, Mohammed Asaduallah founded Benji. The platform combines deposits, bookkeeping, and spend management, introducing a revolution within the Information Technology, Financial Services, FinTech, and Personal Finance sectors.


Seedwell is an AI platform that specializes in wealth management, savings, credit cards, pension accounts, and personal mortgages. The platform is revolutionizing wealth management within the Employee Benefits, FinTech, Mobile Apps, Personal Finance, and Wealth Management sectors.

Matador Gold Technologies

Founded by Deven Soni, Matador Gold Technologies is simplifying gold transactions. The platform allows for the buying, storing, and selling of real gold in under 5 minutes. The startup operates within the Apps, Banking, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, and Personal Finance sectors.


HealthBank, founded by Odero Otieno, aims to make healthcare payments straightforward for patients, providers, pharmacies, insurance carriers, benefits, and HR. The startup operates within the Accounting, Banking, Credit Cards, Developer APIs, Financial Services, FinTech, Health Care, Health Insurance, Mobile Payments, and Personal Finance industries.


creditcardGenius, founded by Maria and Stephen Weyman, is a leading credit card comparison engine. It rates 126+ features of nearly 200 different Canadian credit cards, offering a simple way to analyse credit cards within the Financial Services, FinTech, Internet, and Personal Finance sectors.

The Modest Wallet

Founded by Ricardo Pina, The Modest Wallet is a personal finance digital publisher. The platform operates within the FinTech, Internet, and Personal Finance sectors, providing a wealth of information to those wanting to improve their financial literacy.


Co-founded by Marshall Ross, Patrick Onyekweli, and Ryan Allen, ResolvMD provides full-service medical billing, accounting, financial solutions, and consulting services. This startup is simplifying complex medical billing processes, focused on Billing, Consulting, Financial Services, and Personal Finance sectors.

Global X Change

Under the helm of Shorupan Pirakaspathy, Global X Change has developed the world’s first Exchange Operating System (ExchangeOS). The Canadian Financial Technology company operates within Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Financial Services, FinTech, Personal Finance, and Virtual Currency sectors.

Clever Banker

Operating within the Finance, Personal Finance, and Publishing sectors, Clever Banker strives to make personal finance more accessible and understandable to the masses, contributing to the raft of innovative personal finance startups.

In conclusion, these startups are not only pushing the boundaries but also setting a standard for other businesses within the ever-evolving financial industry in Canada. As they continue to grow and develop, we expect to see these personal finance startups leading the charge for financial innovation across the country.

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