Which Toronto’s Management Consulting Startups Influence Ontario’s Business Landscape?

Welcome to the latest edition of our ongoing series spotlighting the most interesting and innovative startups in the burgeoning field of Management Consulting. Today, we are turning our attention to Toronto, Ontario–a city that is fast becoming a hub for this dynamic industry. The fifteen startups included in this article cover a broad spectrum of specialties, from supply chain management to logistics optimization, and from e-consulting to diversity-focused strategy. Each company listed here is making waves in their respective niches, showcasing the depth and breadth of Toronto’s Management Consulting scene.

These startups represent a cross-section of Toronto’s vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs, dreamers, and innovators. Each one of them, in their own unique way, are tackling complex issues and solving real world problems, creating value not just for their customers, but also for the city’s growing reputation as a hotbed for cutting-edge tech startups.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore each of these startups in more detail.

Indie Tech

Founded by Sophia G. Contreras Stone, Indie Tech is a new breed of supplier management system designed for the modern enterprise. The company operates at the intersection of several rapidly-growing sectors, including fintech, risk management, and supply chain management.

Less Platform

The brainchild of Vardan Markosyan, Less Platform is transforming the logistics industry with its groundbreaking enterprise route planning and supply management solution. This startup is shaping the future of logistics and transportation.


Alexandra Kapelos-Peters is behind Cansulta, an e-consulting platform that is rejuvenating the consulting industry and delivering value to clients and consultants alike.

Tidal Equality

Tidal Equality is a unique tech-enabled strategy firm, working to drive substantial, meaningful change by focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Ethereum Capital

Ethereum Capital is revolutionizing the investing space by giving shareholders the ability to invest in the powerful and cutting-edge technology platform of Ethereum.

AKP Solutions Inc.

Founded by Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, AKP Solutions Inc. is a consulting firm working to provide expert solutions to today’s complex business problems.

Goya & Associates Ltd.

Emilio Goya’s Goya & Associates Ltd. are experts in delivering top-notch organizational consultancy to companies seeking to optimize their operational efficiency.

Prosh Marketing

Lead by Roshni Wijayasinha, Prosh Marketing offers marketing consulting services tailored specifically for CEOs, founders, and startups.

Happy Hippo Holdings

Happy Hippo Holdings, Evan Price’s creative consulting firm, is transforming businesses and individuals with its strategic approach all over the world.


Co-founded by Mark Raheja, Plural is committed to driving change in the way businesses are organized, led and managed.

Boomer Logistics

Boomer Logistics specializes in transportation and logistics for time-sensitive dry and perishable cargo.

Toronto Auto Consulting

Toronto Auto Consulting, led by Jon Toker, provides expert management consultancy to OEMs and franchised car dealerships looking to improve their operations.

Grow Exponentially

Guided by Kevin. F. D’Souza, Grow Exponentially is on mission to help early-stage companies build and scale world-class organizations.

Complicated Things

Complicated Things is a strategy and planning company that offers executive leadership solutions to drive business growth and profitability.

Education Passport Canada

Education Passport Canada offers specialized consultation services focusing on visa permits, immigration concerns, and language study programs. This startup promises to be a game-changer in Canada’s education sector.

The above are just a few examples of the great work being done by Toronto’s burgeoning Management Consulting startup community. With a diverse range of expertise and a fresh approach to tackling traditional business problems, these startups prove that Toronto is the city to watch in this fast-growing field.

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