Get Ready to Be Amazed: 15 Canadian SaaS Startups That Will Blow Your Mind

The Canadian startup scene has seen impressive growth in recent years, with many innovative companies emerging in various sectors. Among these startups are some of the most promising SaaS companies, each providing unique solutions to modern business problems. From sales automation to food and beverage processing software, these 15 SaaS startups are changing industries and driving growth.

Traction Complete: Automating Sales for Revenue Operations Professionals

Traction Complete is a suite of Salesforce apps that automates sales processes for revenue operations professionals. By leveraging machine learning and other technologies, Traction Complete streamlines lead management, improves productivity, and drives revenue growth for B2B companies.

frenter: Powering the Rental Industry

frenter is a SaaS platform that provides rental management tools for the equipment rental industry. By offering a suite of rental solutions, including payment processing, background checks, and insurance, frenter helps owners and rental managers streamline their rental businesses.

Bettermode: Building Engaging Communities

Bettermode is a community platform that helps businesses increase user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. By providing social CRM tools, content marketing solutions, and customer service integration, Bettermode allows businesses to build engaging communities and drive growth.

Cognota (formerly Synapse): Learning and Development Operations Management

Cognota is the first operations platform designed for learning and development teams. With features like collaboration tools, e-learning resources, and training management software, Cognota helps companies train employees and track progress effectively.

BluWave-ai: Optimizing Sustainable Energy Decisions

BluWave-ai is a SaaS-based grid energy optimization platform that helps companies make more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy decisions. By leveraging machine learning and data analytics, BluWave-ai streamlines fleet management, solar and wind energy production, and electrical distribution. Enabling Machine Learning and Analytics Across Data Silos is a SaaS startup that helps developers build machine learning and analytics products across distributed data silos. By providing intelligent systems and data integration solutions, streamlines enterprise software development and accelerates growth.

Audette: Carbon-Free Planning for Corporate Real Estate

Audette is a SaaS platform that helps businesses plan carbon-free strategies for commercial real estate. By providing energy management and efficiency solutions, Audette helps companies reduce their carbon footprint and cut costs.

Carbide: Attaining and Maintaining Compliance Standards

Carbide is a SaaS platform that helps SMBs attain and maintain compliance with information security and privacy standards, including SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, ISO, and more. By providing compliance and cyber security solutions, Carbide helps companies protect sensitive information and stay competitive.

Breathe Life: Streamlining Insurance Processes

Breathe Life is a SaaS platform for the individual insurance industry, streamlining the sales and distribution process. By providing a suite of financial services solutions, Breathe Life helps insurers reduce costs and improve customer experiences.

Provision Analytics: Precise Software for Food Processors and Manufacturers

Provision Analytics is a SaaS platform that creates precise software for food processors and manufacturers. By providing analytics and data management tools, Provision Analytics helps companies improve productivity, reduce waste, and increase profits.

Fluence Technologies: Financial Close and Consolidation Software for Mid-Sized Companies

Fluence Technologies is a SaaS platform that provides financial close and consolidation software for mid-sized companies. By offering cloud management and accounting solutions, Fluence Technologies streamlines financial processes and improves business performance.

Haloo: Simplifying Trademarking with Blockchain Technology

Haloo is a blockchain-based SaaS platform that simplifies the complex process of trademarking for businesses. By leveraging blockchain technology and other innovations, Haloo’s subsidiary Heirlume makes trademarking faster, more accurate, and more affordable for SMEs.

Feroot Security: Protecting Client-Side Javascript Code

Feroot Security is a SaaS platform that protects client-side Javascript code from cyber attacks and compliance violations. By providing cyber security and compliance solutions, Feroot Security helps businesses protect their websites and maintain regulatory standards. Automating Influencer Collaborations for SMEs is a creator ecosystem that automates collaborations between influencers and SMEs. By providing social media marketing, advertising, and automation solutions, helps SMEs grow their businesses with influencer partnerships.

Remote Kitchen: Building Virtual Brands for Restaurants

Remote Kitchen is a SaaS platform that helps restaurant owners achieve digital transformation by building virtual brands. By providing digital marketing and food and beverage solutions, Remote Kitchen helps businesses expand their reach and increase revenue.


These 15 SaaS startups represent some of the most innovative and exciting companies in Canada’s tech scene. With their unique solutions and focus on driving growth, they are poised to transform industries and change the way businesses operate. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to grow and make their mark on the global stage.

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