Discover the Top 15 Design Startups Making Waves in Canada

Meet the Canadian startups changing the game in design and pushing boundaries across industries.

Design is a crucial aspect of any product or service, and these 15 Canadian startups are leading the way in innovation, creativity, and functionality. From construction and interior design to product and graphic design, these startups are shaking up industries and making a mark on the Canadian tech scene.

Falkbuilt: Digitizing Interior Construction

Falkbuilt is a construction company that digitizes interior construction using next-generation technology. Their platform allows architects and designers to create custom interiors that can be built quickly and efficiently.

VAE Energy: Boosting High Performers

VAE Energy is a consumer goods company that offers an energy spray designed for high performers who need an immediate boost. Their product is perfect for anyone looking for a natural, caffeine-free way to stay alert and focused.

Dingus and Zazzy: Your New Favorite Marketing Department

Dingus and Zazzy is a marketing agency that helps businesses with brand marketing, consulting, content marketing, digital marketing, marketing automation, social media, and web design. Their comprehensive approach to marketing makes them a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.

Artboard Studio: Collaborative Mockup Design Tool

Artboard Studio is a collaborative mockup design tool that allows designers to work together in real-time. Their platform makes it easy to create and share designs with clients and team members.

Suborbital: Leveraging Cloud Native WebAssembly

Suborbital is a startup that leverages Atmo to create web services in a new way, taking advantage of cloud native WebAssembly’s capabilities. Their technology allows developers to build scalable and efficient web services quickly and easily.

Longan Vision Corp: AR for First Responders

Longan Vision Corp has developed an AR solution specifically for first responders operating in dangerous environments. Their product provides real-time information and feedback, helping first responders make informed decisions and stay safe.

Smobler Studios: Metaverse Architecture and Web3 Design Agency

Smobler Studios is a metaverse architecture and Web3 design agency that creates immersive digital experiences. Their designs are perfect for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and engage with customers in new ways.

Spaice Inc.: Improving Interior Design Capabilities

Spaice Inc. is a one-stop-shop for contractors looking to improve their interior design capabilities and increase their material management efficiencies. Their platform makes it easy to manage projects and collaborate with team members.

Hangeh Labs: Social Network and Community Marketplace for Residential Buildings

Hangeh Labs provides a social network and community marketplace for residential buildings. Their platform makes it easy for residents to connect and share information, creating a sense of community and fostering engagement.

VAUNNT: International Design Agency

VAUNNT is an international design agency that offers a wide range of design services, including web design, graphic design, and marketing. Their team of experienced designers and marketers helps businesses create engaging and effective designs.

Zerosound: Two-Part System of Software and Hardware

Zerosound is a two-part system of software and hardware that allows users to create high-quality sound with ease. Their platform is perfect for anyone looking to create professional-grade audio.

Empire Industries: Committed, Positive, and Goal-Oriented People

Empire Industries is a team of committed, positive, and goal-oriented people with integrity. They specialize in industrial engineering, manufacturing, product design, and product management, making them a valuable asset for businesses in these industries.

Remdyfy Inc.: Turnkey Solution Provider for SAAS Products

Remdyfy Inc. is a turnkey solution provider that helps businesses create and launch SAAS products. Their platform provides consulting, information technology, marketing, mobile, retail, software, web design, and web development services, making it easy for businesses to bring their ideas to life.

Sreekhadri technologies LLC: Mobile Application Developers and Web Design

Sreekhadri technologies LLC is a startup that specializes in mobile application development and web design. Their team of experts creates custom mobile apps and websites that meet the unique needs of businesses and their customers.


These 15 Canadian startups are revolutionizing the design industry and creating solutions that solve real-world problems. They are making an impact not just in Canada, but around the world. Keep an eye on these startups, as they continue to push boundaries and drive innovation in the design industry.

If you want to learn more about these exciting startups, be sure to check out their websites and see what they can do for you. Who knows, you may even be inspired to start your own design startup and make your own mark on the Canadian tech scene!

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