Unlocking Financial Services Innovation: 15 Ontario Startups Leading the Way

The financial services industry is rapidly evolving, and these 15 innovative startups in Ontario are at the forefront of that change, providing cutting-edge solutions that are changing the game. From risk management to credit assessments and cross-border payments, these startups are transforming the industry through the use of technology and data-driven insights.

Risk Management Solutions: BOXX Insurance

BOXX Insurance is a company specializing in risk management solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses. With an emphasis on digitization, BOXX is providing unique solutions for clients, including insurance products that can be customized to meet individual business needs.

Investment Strategy: Delphia

Delphia is changing the investment game by building an AI investment strategy that helps anyone improve their data. The company’s AI-driven platform provides insights and analysis to help investors make more informed decisions, helping them to achieve their investment goals more efficiently.

Corporate Card and Spend Management: Float

Float offers a corporate card and spend management solution that allows corporate cards, reimbursements, approvals, and invoices management. By streamlining these processes, Float is helping businesses to save time and money, while also improving the accuracy and efficiency of their financial operations.

Cross-Border Real-Time Payments: Buckzy Payments

Buckzy Payments is a fintech company enabling cross-border real-time payments and Banking-as-a-Service. By providing secure and efficient payment solutions, Buckzy is helping businesses to improve their global reach, facilitating seamless transactions across borders.

Financial Products with Digital Assets: Ledn

Ledn builds financial products with a mission to help more people save in digital assets. The company provides lending and savings products, as well as other financial solutions, all built around the use of digital assets.

Crypto Trading Platform: CoinSmart

CoinSmart is a Crypto Trading Platform, providing users with a simple and intuitive way to trade digital assets. The company offers a user-friendly platform, with a range of tools and resources that make it easy for traders to make informed decisions and manage their portfolios effectively.

Decentralized Orderbook-Based Exchange: Firefly Exchange

Firefly is a decentralized, orderbook-based exchange with sub-second trade settlement. The company provides a secure and efficient way for traders to buy and sell digital assets, with a focus on transparency and security.

Digital Bank for Africans Abroad: Lemonade Finance

Lemonade Finance is a digital bank that enables Africans abroad to send and receive money within minutes. The company is focused on fast and reliable financial services to a demographic that has traditionally been underserved by traditional banks.

API for Small Businesses: Railz

Railz is a single API that integrates with the majority of accounting software service providers used by small businesses. By providing a unified platform for data integration, Railz is helping businesses to better manage their finances and gain insights into their financial performance.

Automated Investment Strategies: Composer

Composer allows users to build, test, and manage automated investment strategies without writing a line of code. The platform provides users with a range of tools and resources to help them create investment strategies that meet their specific needs and goals.

Venture Capital Firm for Cannabis: RIV Capital

RIV Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in cannabis. The company provides funding and support to startups in the cannabis industry, helping to fuel innovation and drive growth in this emerging sector.

Digital Credit and Lending Platform: Caary

Caary is a digital credit, lending, and payments platform, offering a corporate credit card and financial management solution. By providing businesses with easy access to credit and financial management tools, Caary is helping to drive growth and innovation in the business world.

Investment Sales Platform: CapIntel

CapIntel is an investment sales platform used by thousands of financial advisors and asset management sales teams in North America. By providing powerful tools for data analysis and investment research, CapIntel is helping financial professionals to make better-informed decisions and achieve greater success in their work.

Financial Close and Consolidation Software: Fluence Technologies

Fluence is the only financial close and consolidation software for mid-sized companies. By automating many of the processes involved in financial management, Fluence is helping businesses to save time and money while improving the accuracy and reliability of their financial reporting.


These 15 startups in Ontario are transforming the financial services industry through innovation, technology, and data-driven insights. With their cutting-edge solutions, they are driving growth and creating new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to change the game in financial services.

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