Going Green: Meet the 15 Canadian CleanTech Startups Taking the World by Storm

Discover the cutting-edge CleanTech startups in Canada that are revolutionizing industries and championing sustainable solutions.

Canada, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes and commitment to environmental conservation, has become a hotbed for CleanTech innovation. A new wave of startups is emerging, leveraging technology and creativity to tackle pressing environmental challenges. In this article, we will showcase 15 remarkable CleanTech startups in Canada that are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

Future Fields: Transforming Protein Production with Insect Biotechnology

Future Fields harnesses insect biotechnology to produce recombinant proteins sustainably. By revolutionizing protein production, this startup is making significant strides in the agriculture, AgTech, biotechnology, and life science sectors. With founders Jalene Anderson-Baron, Lejjy Gafour, and Matthew Anderson-Baron at the helm, Future Fields is championing sustainable protein production for a brighter future.

Climative: Redefining Collaboration for Decarbonization of the Built Environment

Climative is rewriting the rules of collaboration between organizations and building owners to accelerate the decarbonization of the built environment. Through the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning, Climative is at the forefront of driving energy efficiency and sustainability in the information technology and software industries. Founders Asif Hasan, Keelen Gagnon, and Winston Morton are leading the charge towards a greener future.

Hypercharge Networks Corp.: Empowering Electric Vehicle Adoption

Hypercharge Networks Corp. is a leading player in the electric vehicle (EV) supply equipment market. By providing turnkey EV charging solutions, this CleanTech startup is making significant contributions to the transportation industry’s transition towards sustainable mobility. With their dedication to CleanTech and electric vehicles, Hypercharge Networks Corp. is paving the way for a greener transportation future.

Entropy: Commercializing Energy Transition Technologies

Entropy focuses on commercializing innovative energy-transition technologies. With a focus on clean energy and CleanTech, this startup is driving positive change in the energy industry. Through their dedication and commitment, Entropy is playing a crucial role in transforming the way we generate and consume energy.

Origen Air: Revolutionizing Air Purification with Plant-Based IoT Technology

Origen Air is a trailblazing CleanTech startup specializing in plant-based, IoT-connected air purification. By combining expertise in clean technology, data visualization, and electronics, Origen Air is improving air quality and enhancing sustainability in various industries. Founders Andrew Crawford, Ryan Lider, and Susan Blanchet are making a significant impact on the future of air purification.

FTEX: Advancing Smart Connected Drive Systems for Electric Vehicles

FTEX is at the forefront of developing smart connected drive systems for light electric vehicles. By combining CleanTech, electric vehicle technology, and manufacturing, FTEX is driving innovation in the transportation industry. Alexandre Cosneau, Andres Bayona, and Ramee Mossa are leading the charge towards a sustainable future for electric vehicles.

Picketa Systems: Precision Agriculture for Real-Time Nutrient Monitoring

Picketa Systems offers a precision agriculture platform that provides real-time leaf tissue nutrition information. By leveraging AgTech, CleanTech, and software development, Picketa Systems is empowering farmers to optimize crop nutrition and enhance agricultural sustainability. With founders Maxime Dumont and Xavier Hébert-Couturier, this startup is revolutionizing farming practices.

Moduly: Building Resilient and Cost-Saving Virtual Power Plants

Moduly is redefining the concept of virtual power plants, bringing resiliency, cost-saving, and clean energy to the forefront. Through their expertise in clean energy, energy storage, and smart home technology, Moduly is transforming the energy landscape. Founders Alexandre Gibeault, Alvaro Macias Fernandez, and Jonathan Lamer are pioneering the way towards a cleaner and more efficient power grid.

Solaires Entreprises Inc: Bringing Solar Energy to the Masses

Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a team of dedicated scientists and engineers committed to making solar energy accessible to a broader audience. Through their expertise in CleanTech and renewable energy, Solaires Entreprises Inc. is revolutionizing the solar industry in Canada. Founders Fabian de la Fuente and Sahar Sam are spearheading the transition towards a greener energy future.

QEA Tech: AI-Powered Insights for Building Envelopes

QEA Tech combines AI, drone technology, and thermal imaging to provide invaluable insights into building envelopes. This software company is driving sustainability in the analytics, clean technology, and smart building sectors. Founder Peyvand Melati and the QEA Tech team are revolutionizing the way buildings are maintained, contributing to a more energy-efficient and sustainable built environment.

EnviCore: Innovations for Natural Resource Development

EnviCore specializes in developing technologies essential for improving natural resource development. With expertise in CleanTech, mining, waste management, and water purification, EnviCore is making significant contributions to sustainability. Founders Aleksandra Govedarica, Milana Trifkovic, and Shahrukh Shamim are leading the way towards more environmentally conscious resource development practices.

Dispersa: Decarbonizing the Chemicals Industry with Microbe-Derived Solutions

Dispersa harnesses the power of microbe-derived natural solutions to drive decarbonization in the chemicals industry. By combining biotechnology, clean technology, and chemical innovation, Dispersa is reducing the environmental footprint of chemical processes. With Nivatha Balendra at the helm, this startup is creating a cleaner future for the chemical industry.

Reazent: Sustainable and Safer Alternatives for Agriculture

Reazent is an AgTech startup that develops economically viable, sustainable, and safer alternatives to synthetic agrochemicals. Through their expertise in agriculture, biotechnology, and CleanTech, Reazent is driving positive change in farming practices. Founder Sumit Verma and the Reazent team are making agriculture more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Kathairos Solutions: Combating Climate Change in the Oil and Gas Industry

Kathairos Solutions is an Alberta-based CleanTech company focused on combatting climate change in the oil and gas sector. By leveraging expertise in environmental consulting and CleanTech, Kathairos Solutions is revolutionizing the industry. With a mission to address the challenges of a warming planet, Kathairos Solutions is paving the way for sustainable practices in the oil and gas sector.

Synauta: AI-Powered Water Technology for a Sustainable Future

Synauta is a Canadian CleanTech startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) water technology. By combining AI, energy, industrial automation, and water management, Synauta is driving innovation in the water industry. With founder Mike Dixon leading the way, Synauta is creating sustainable water solutions for a better future.


Canada’s CleanTech startups are at the forefront of sustainable innovation, harnessing technology and creativity to address pressing environmental challenges. From insect biotechnology and electric vehicle infrastructure to precision agriculture and renewable energy, these startups are revolutionizing industries across the country. With their passion, ingenuity, and commitment to a greener future, these CleanTech pioneers are making a significant impact and inspiring positive change worldwide. Keep an eye on these 15 startups as they continue to shape the future of CleanTech in Canada and beyond.

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