Wellness Disruptors: 15 Ontario Startups Ushering in a New Era of Health

Embracing Innovation for a Healthier Future.

Ontario, Canada, is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, with a thriving ecosystem of startups focused on revolutionizing the wellness industry. These dynamic companies are at the forefront of alternative medicine, fitness, mental health support, and more. In this article, we delve into the exciting world of wellness startups in Ontario and explore their groundbreaking contributions to improving people’s well-being. Join us on this journey of discovery as we unveil fifteen exceptional startups that are shaping the future of wellness.

Field Trip Health

Field Trip Health is paving the way for healing and heightened engagement with the world through its simple and evidence-based therapies. This Ontario-based startup utilizes alternative medicine, health care, therapeutics, and wellness to transform the lives of its clients. Led by visionary founders Joseph del Moral, Mujeeb Jafferi, and Ryan Yermus, Field Trip Health is making waves in the wellness industry.

Aviron Interactive

Aviron Interactive introduces a unique fusion of fitness and gamification. Their rower, complemented by captivating gaming features, offers a revolutionary way to stay fit and motivated. Founder Andy Hoang’s vision has led Aviron Interactive to become a prominent player in the fitness, health care, and wellness sectors.

Curv Health

Curv Health is a distributed digital clinic that connects individuals with specialists utilizing frontier tools to provide better and cost-effective care. Jason Hopper, Nicholas Tancredi, and Shea Balish, the founders of Curv Health, are on a mission to revolutionize fitness, health care, human resources, and wellness through their innovative approach.


Neurovine, an AI-driven digital health company, is dedicated to supporting brain health. Through cutting-edge technologies, Neurovine aims to improve the well-being of individuals. Co-founded by Ashleigh Kennedy and Matthew Kennedy, Neurovine is making significant strides in the health care, home health care, and wellness sectors.


Lilia, a home fertility startup, serves as an egg securing concierge for busy individuals who want the option of having kids later. Alyssa Atkins, the driving force behind Lilia, has successfully combined consumer goods, fertility, medical device, and wellness to provide comprehensive fertility solutions.

Pathway Health

Pathway Health provides patients with timely access to personalized treatment plans, utilizing clinically proven solutions. This health care startup is committed to enhancing well-being and improving outcomes for individuals. Pathway Health plays a vital role in the health care, outpatient care, and wellness industries.

Heavenly Rx

Heavenly Rx is a dynamic wellness company that believes in the power of CBD. With their innovative products, Heavenly Rx is transforming the cannabis, consumer goods, health care, and wellness landscape. The company’s unwavering dedication to wellness is driving positive change under the visionary leadership of its founders.

Flora Growth

Flora Growth is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by leveraging natural cultivation practices. This Ontario-based startup, founded by Luis Merchan, is making significant strides in the cannabis, medical, and wellness sectors. Flora Growth’s commitment to sustainable practices sets it apart in the competitive wellness landscape.


AgeRate has developed a biotechnology platform that helps track aging in real time. Cole Kirschner, Guillaume Paré, and Kevin Peters are the masterminds behind this transformative health care startup. With their expertise in health diagnostics, medical research, and wellness, AgeRate is empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being.

Jack Health

Jack Health is an online clinic that caters specifically to men’s health needs. This health care startup provides valuable health tips and offers a range of products to support men’s well-being. Jack Health is leaving an indelible mark on the health care and wellness industry with its innovative approach.

NuGen Medical Devices

NuGen Medical Devices is revolutionizing medical delivery products through the development of needle-free technologies. This Ontario-based startup is a trailblazer in the field of assistive technology, biotechnology, medical devices, and wellness. NuGen Medical Devices is reshaping the future of health care with its groundbreaking innovations.

Nurosene Health

Nurosene Health is a technology-driven wellness company that helps individuals improve their brain, mind, and body through healthy habits. Under the visionary leadership of Daniel Gallucci, Nurosene Health is making significant contributions to the apps, fitness, health care, training, and wellness sectors.


PsyMood offers mental health support tailored to individuals’ language and cultural background. Frederico Neumann and Rodrigo Bergel, the founders of PsyMood, are bridging the gap in mental health care by providing personalized and accessible solutions. PsyMood’s innovative approach is revolutionizing the fitness, health care, and wellness industries.

Bluedot Organics

Bluedot Organics specializes in creating plant-based medicines and byproducts using cannabis and other botanicals. This biotechnology startup is at the forefront of the cannabis, medical, and wellness industries. Bluedot Organics is reshaping the future of medicine under visionary leadership.


Ivy is an internet company that offers a stress-free solution to improve productivity and simplify tasks. With their innovative mobile apps and productivity tools, Ivy is transforming the way people manage their daily lives. Evan Cloutier and Tucker Schreiber, the founders of Ivy, are driving positive change in the wellness industry.


Ontario’s wellness startup ecosystem is bursting with innovation, driven by visionary founders and cutting-edge technologies. These fifteen startups showcased in this article are revolutionizing alternative medicine, fitness, mental health support, and more. With their relentless pursuit of well-being, these companies are shaping a healthier future for all. As Ontario continues to foster an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation, we can expect even more exciting and impactful ventures to emerge, contributing to the well-being of individuals across the globe. Stay tuned as CanadaVenture.news keeps you up to date with the latest developments in Ontario’s thriving wellness startup scene.

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