Influential Big Data Startups Dominating Toronto Tech Scene in 2023

Big data startups in Toronto, Ontario are increasingly central to business operations and strategic decisions. These companies offer services that range from vertical intelligence software to predictive analytics to ergonomic risk identification. As data has become the new oil, these startups are at the epicentre of this transformation, delivering solutions that revolutionize business practices and ignite growth. This article explores fifteen promising big data startups based in Toronto that are paving the way to a data-driven future.

These startups represent a diverse range of sectors including analytics, artificial intelligence, finance, cybersecurity, and more. Each of them shares a common thread of leveraging big data to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making for their clients. By harnessing the power of big data, these Toronto-based startups are offering unique solutions that set them apart in an ever-connected world.

Let’s delve into each startup, highlighting their unique value propositions, industry presence, and outstanding contributions in their respective domains.

NowVertical Group

Spearheaded by Daren Trousdell, NowVertical Group is a Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services company. Offering specialized technology and expertise in various sectors such as analytics, automotive, big data, business development, and data integration, the startup focuses on transforming business performance across vertical markets.

Founded by Nick Seelert and Saroop Bharwani, is a B2B SaaS company which helps financial institutions leverage predictive data and analytics to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency.

Proof Zero

Proof Zero, founded by Adrian Maurer and Alexander Flanagan, turns data complexity into opportunity. They offer solutions in big data, business intelligence, and cybersecurity, facilitating the process of data insight acquisition for improved decision making.

Hopeful Inc.

Ahsan Javed and Alexander Jivov founded Hopeful Inc. with the goal of aiding nonprofits and charities in monetizing their social media followers for fundraising. By harnessing big data, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics tools, they have served as a game-changer in the non-profit world.

Altius Analytics Labs

Altius Analytics Labs is an ergonomics-focused software company. Established by Abdelhamid El Bably and Benjamin Lee, the startup uses big data, computer vision, and machine learning to identify ergonomic risk in workplaces rapidly and accurately.

Duncan Rowland initiated to forecast credit risk using machine learning. This fintech startup leverages the power of big data and information technology to revolutionize the risk management landscape.

The Happenin Company

With Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, and Charles Plant at the helm, Happenin digitizes and simplifies group bookings for social occasions and experiences, combining big data and business intelligence to enhance the event management process.

Boss Insights

Yet another fintech startup, Boss Insights, founded by Keren Moynihan and Luke Moynihan, provides global leading access to business financial data. It uses big data to revolutionize the commercial lending industry.

Seal Storage

Seal Storage, founded by Alex Altman, Andrew McFarlane, and Michael Horowitz, provides carbon-neutral, decentralized cloud storage. They are making strides in the big data and blockchain industries with their innovative approach.


Reklaim was founded by Neil Sweeney with the aim to empower consumers to reclaim control over their personal data. Their services lie at the intersection of big data and privacy.


QuantumSense, founded by Marco Fernandez, provides a top semantic search engine that works at the sentence level. They transform big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning into actionable insights and decision-making tools.

Corsac Technologies

Corsac Technologies is a specialized software development company that offers full-cycle product development for web, mobile, AR/VR, utilizing big data methodologies to design and develop streamlined software solutions.


Founded by Ashley Martis, StartupFuel is a big data, AI, and SaaS company that services startup founders and venture capital funds, providing strategic insights for optimal business performance.

Pharos Platforms

Pharos Platforms, founded by Bardia Monavari, Bhareth Kachroo, and Peter Fettes, automates data science and machine learning workflows for geospatial data through a single API. They are rapidly transforming the big data and analytics industry.

Toronto Machine Learning Series (TMLS)

With David Scharbach as the founder, TMLS is a vital community of practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs and executives focusing on advanced machine learning research and business cases. Their expertise and passion for data are fueling the advancement and understanding of machine learning industry-wide.

As big data continues to grow in influence and impact, these startups position themselves at the forefront of the data revolution. Each brings a unique offering to the table, demonstrating the full potential of big data innovations in various sectors. The future of these Toronto-based startups is promising and they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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