Innovation Unleashed: 15 Toronto Startups Redefining Wellness

Fueling the Future of Wellness in Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto, Ontario, is home to a flourishing startup ecosystem that extends its arms to various industries, and the wellness sector is no exception. In recent years, a new wave of innovative startups has emerged, disrupting the traditional approach to health, fitness, and overall well-being. These ventures are driven by visionary founders who seek to make a positive impact on people’s lives through groundbreaking products and services. In this article, we present 15 interesting wellness startups that are reshaping the way Torontonians approach their health and vitality.

Field Trip Health

Field Trip Health is at the forefront of the alternative medicine and health care industry. Founded by Joseph del Moral, Mujeeb Jafferi, and Ryan Yermus, this company offers evidence-based therapies that aim to heal and enhance individuals’ engagement with the world. Their commitment to simplifying therapeutic solutions has made them a trailblazer in the wellness scene.

Aviron Interactive

Aviron Interactive combines fitness and gamification in a unique way. Led by Andy Hoang, this innovative startup offers a rower integrated with engaging gaming features. It has transformed the way people perceive workouts, making exercising a fun and rewarding experience.

Curv Health

Curv Health is making healthcare more accessible through its distributed digital clinic. Founded by Jason Hopper, Nicholas Tancredi, and Shea Balish, Curv connects individuals with specialists who employ cutting-edge tools for better and cost-effective care. Their platform is revolutionizing the way people access medical expertise.


Lilia is a home fertility startup co-founded by Alyssa Atkins. The company serves as an egg securing concierge for busy individuals who want to plan parenthood for the future. By providing flexible options for fertility, Lilia empowers people to take control of their reproductive choices.

Heavenly Rx

Heavenly Rx is a dynamic wellness company with a strong belief in the power of CBD. With its commitment to harnessing the potential of cannabis, Heavenly Rx is driving innovation in the cannabis, consumer goods, and health care industries.

Flora Growth

Luis Merchan founded Flora Growth, a cannabis company focused on natural cultivation practices. With an emphasis on sustainability and responsible practices, Flora Growth is a pioneer in the cannabis and medical wellness arena.

NuGen Medical Devices

NuGen Medical Devices specializes in developing needle-free technologies and medical delivery products. Their innovations have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, offering painless and efficient medical procedures.

Nurosene Health

Nurosene Health is a technology-driven wellness company, founded by Daniel Gallucci, that helps individuals cultivate healthy habits for improving their brain, mind, and body. Their technology-oriented approach sets them apart in the apps, fitness, and health care domain.


PsyMood is dedicated to offering mental health support based on language and cultural background. Co-founded by Frederico Neumann and Rodrigo Bergel, this startup is making mental health services more inclusive and accessible.

Bluedot Organics

Bluedot Organics is a biotechnology company that utilizes cannabis and other botanicals to create plant-based medicines and byproducts. Their innovative approach to biotechnology and wellness sets them apart in the medical and cannabis industries.


Ivy is an internet company that provides stress-free solutions to enhance productivity. Co-founded by Evan Cloutier and Tucker Schreiber, Ivy’s mobile apps and productivity tools streamline daily tasks, reducing stress and boosting efficiency.


Celia Lopez founded Placemade, Canada’s first fitness coworking space designed for health and fitness professionals. By fostering a collaborative environment, Placemade is empowering health practitioners to thrive in their careers.


tethr is a peer-enabled mental health and well-being platform specifically catering to men. Founded by Addison Brasil, Burke White, and Denny Park, tethr provides a safe space for men to connect and seek support.

SUKU Vitamins

SUKU Vitamins is a health and wellness company dedicated to helping women and men worldwide look and feel their best. With a focus on beauty, nutrition, and manufacturing, SUKU Vitamins is a game-changer in the wellness industry.

Arma Biosciences

Arma Biosciences is a pioneering developer of a sensor platform that monitors a multitude of physiological markers. Co-founded by Hanie Yousefi, Shana Kelley, and Surath Gomis, this biotechnology startup is making waves in health diagnostics and wellness.


Toronto’s wellness startup scene is a vibrant and dynamic landscape, filled with innovative ventures that are reshaping how people approach health and well-being. From alternative therapies and fitness gamification to cutting-edge medical technologies and mental health support, these startups are driving positive change and making a significant impact on individuals’ lives. With visionary founders at the helm, these 15 wellness startups are set to lead the way to a healthier and more fulfilling future for Toronto and beyond.

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