Toronto’s Fashion Mavericks: 15 Groundbreaking Startups Making Headlines

Unearthing Toronto's Thriving Fashion Startup Scene.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has become a hotbed for fashion innovation, with a plethora of startups revolutionizing the industry. From cutting-edge technology to sustainable practices, these 15 startups are shaping the future of fashion. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting and promising ventures in the city.

alder: Empowering Women in Outdoor Apparel

Alder Apparel is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand focused on outdoor apparel for women. Founded by Mikayla A. Wujec and Naomi Blackman, alder aims to provide functional yet stylish clothing options for adventurous women who love the outdoors.

loopt: Paving the Way for the Circular Economy

Loopt is a pioneering software company that facilitates the circular economy across various retail verticals. Kelly Pigeon and Laura Bryce founded this innovative startup with the goal of creating a sustainable and circular fashion ecosystem.

Ribitt: Discovering Local Shops Everywhere

Ribitt is a mobile rewards application that connects users to local shops in their neighborhoods. Founders Ribat Chowdhury and Sana Virji have created a platform that encourages consumers to shop locally and support independent businesses.

krippit: Redefining Women’s High Heel Accessories

Krippit is a groundbreaking FashionTech company that specializes in 3D printing high heel accessories for women. Melissa Chung’s venture combines cutting-edge technology with fashion, sustainability, and consumer goods.

NAIJ Hair: Elevating Black Womxn’s Hair Care

NAIJ Hair is a game-changer in the fashion industry, providing ethically sourced, premium quality hair extensions for Black women. Founder Edo Odozor’s mission is to empower women through authentic and high-quality hair care.

Calico: Smart Production Management for Fashion Brands

Calico offers a smart production management platform that streamlines the fashion production process, reducing errors and time-to-market. This startup, founded by industry experts, aims to optimize supply chain management and textiles.

ICEBAE: Elevate Your Style with Designer Jewelry

ICEBAE is a designer jewelry brand founded by Onur Occal, offering stylish accessories that enhance any outfit. With a focus on quality and aesthetics, ICEBAE caters to fashion-forward individuals.

Koy Gear: Technical Apparel for Men

Koy Gear is a technical apparel company that combines affordability with material innovation for men’s clothing. Co-founders Celia Xiong, Geoff Wong, and Mila Li strive to provide high-quality clothing for active lifestyles.

Hairstrong: Revolutionizing Women’s Hair Accessories

Hairstrong produces adjustable scrunchies that allow women to compete without distractions. Founder Nicole Baranowski’s innovative scrunchie design ensures a comfortable fit during physical activities.

Benchwork: On-Demand Fashion Production

Benchwork revolutionizes fashion production with its on-demand manufacturing platform. Kathleen Chan and Nathan Tran Trinh’s startup provides a quick and efficient way to bring fashion designs to life.

Legends RIP: A Tribute to Iconic Legends

Legends RIP pays homage to legendary figures who left this world too soon through their fashion brand. Founder Sam Sauhard’s venture aims to celebrate the timeless legacies of cultural icons.

Shomigo: Merging E-Commerce and Social Interaction

Shomigo bridges the gap between social media and e-commerce, creating a unique shopping experience. Founder Alykhan Kara’s platform fosters social interactions while simplifying online shopping.

The Fitting Room: Virtual Try-On for Perfect Fit

The Fitting Room introduces virtual try-on technology for made-to-fit garments. Advait Ambeskar and Kirill Moisyeyev’s startup enhances the online shopping experience, ensuring a better fit for customers.

Odessu: AI-Powered Fashion for Plus Size Women

Odessu uses AI-powered technology to help plus-size women find fitting clothes online. Founder Leon Nsengiyumva’s platform aims to improve inclusivity and convenience in the fashion industry.

Uncertn: Elevating Men’s Athleisure Wear

Uncertn, founded and operated by triplets Jaeden M. Henry, Justin C. Henry, and Tristan T. Henry, is a direct-to-consumer brand that offers premium men’s athleisure wear. Their focus on quality and style sets them apart in the market.

Conclusion: Pioneering Fashion for a Brighter Future

Toronto’s fashion startup scene is bustling with innovation and creativity. These 15 startups exemplify the city’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry. From sustainable practices to cutting-edge technology, these ventures are redefining the way we approach fashion, proving that the future of fashion is bright and full of endless possibilities. Keep an eye on these trailblazing startups as they continue to shape the world of fashion in Toronto and beyond.

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