Most Influential Brand Marketing Startups in British Columbia: Who Dominates?

With the rise of startups in every possible domain, the province of British Columbia in Canada has seen some quite interesting companies specializing in brand marketing emerge on the horizon. These companies are leveraging various strategies, ranging from digital experiences to web development, to make their mark in the world of marketing. Here are 15 intriguing brand marketing startups from this region:


Blue/Meta believes in making digital experiences accessible to medium-sized businesses. By mapping customer experiences and optimizing them through technology, they are creating a new niche in the industry. Co-founded by Nick Bideshi, Blue/Meta has a broad spectrum operating in Brand Marketing, CRM, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, eSports, Management Consulting, UX Design, Web Design, Web Development.

Swipe Right Media

Swipe Right Media not only deals in Digital Marketing and Advertising, but also helps startups and small businesses to discover and claim government incentives, thus successfully setting themselves in a unique position in their industry.

The Branded Agency

The Branded Agency, whose online presence can be found at, delves into various advertising services like website-design, branding and marketing services to provide a complete solution for all the marketing needs.

Able & Howe

Co-founded by Andreas Schleich, Able & Howe specializes in marketing and consultancy services ranging from fractional CMO, MDS, marketing execution and team outsourcing services.


Founded by Selina Ho, Recloseted helps small businesses to launch and scale sustainable fashion brands. Primarily operating as a consulting agency, Recloseted is leading the way in the industry by merging fashion and sustainability together.

Root Creative

Co-founded by Jessica Brown and accessible at, Root Creative provides full marketing services including content creation, trade marketing, brand strategy, consulting, and event management services.

BNQ Management

Co-founded by Ben Walker, BNQ Management integrates brand management, marketing, and sales operations consulting services to provide a comprehensive platter of services for clients looking to outsource their marketing operations.

OBA Creative

Founded by Uros Obradovic, OBA Creative provides creative solutions including branding, graphic design, web development, and SEO services, thus catering to all needs for a successful marketing campaign.

Orange Bear Marketing

The Orange Bear is a creative strategic and technology-led marketing agency that covers all aspects of marketing including advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, and email marketing.

Markayting Creative

Founded by Kaylesha Penner, Markayting Creative is an advertising company that offers a diverse range of services starting from campaign planning, copywriting, branding, reputation, and social media management.

Disignr Real Estate Marketing

Co-founded by Tea Mihaila, Disignr specializes in real estate-specific branding and marketing. They also provide digital marketing, graphic design, and web design services among many others.

Norm Thomas

Norm Thomas excels as a full-stack web developer and marketing expert, providing a wide array of services like Advertising, Brand Marketing, CMS, Database, Digital Marketing, among others.


Hyperminds is a management consulting firm that specializes in brand marketing and leadership development services.

Moken Agency

Co-founded by Kendra Garagan and Mohamed Ibshara, Moken Agency is a one-stop solution for startups to build, create & grow all under one roof.


Elevate, can be found at, is a marketing agency that specializes in brand marketing, market research, and end-to-end marketing services.

In conclusion, these startups have shown consistent innovation in their domain and hold great promise for the future. As brand marketing continues to evolve, these companies are all set to become guiding lights for businesses seeking to make an impact and expand their reach in the market.

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