Who are British Columbia’s Game-Changing Payments Startups in 2023?

British Columbia is fast becoming the hotbed of innovation, especially in the fintech sector – the province is a breeding ground for some of the most interesting Payments startups catering to diverse needs. From those offering global payment solutions to those focusing on cryptocurrency, the realm of payments is witnessing a wave of transformation aligning with new-age digitalisation.

Not only are these startups redefining the payment experience for businesses, service providers and individual consumers, but also driving Canada towards the global fintech forefront. Innovative solutions like virtual mastercards, blockchain technology, seamless integration for Bitcoin lightning payments and many more – all are ultimately making transactions smoother, secure, and more efficient than ever.

Let’s dive deeper into these game-changing payment startups of British Columbia and understand their unique offerings:


Payday, founded by Favour Ori, is revolutionizing global payment solutions. It offers services like virtual mastercards and foreign employee payments, marking its presence in the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments industry.

BlocPal International Inc.

BlocPal International Inc. spearheaded by Nick Mellios, functions as a digital transaction solutions provider. It delivers a suite of integrated financial services and applications to its partners spanning across industries such as Banking, Blockchain, FinTech, Information Technology, Mobile Payments, Payments.


With its unique platform, Neutronpay facilitates payments and transactions through seamless integration to accept Bitcoin lightning payments in a risk-free way, thereby enhancing its stronghold in the Bitcoin, Information Technology, Payments industry.


Airswift is bringing a new wave in the industry with Crypto Payments Acceptance for Businesses Around the Globe, firmly establishing its roots in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Payments industry.


Gaze, founded by Kevin Pierce, Motasim Rahman, Taus Noor, stands at the forefront of offering passwordless 1-click authentication. It’s rightly establishing its mark in the industry section of Developer APIs, Internet, Payments.


Fostrum, launched by Ali Serag, Kelso Curtis, Salman Alam, is a Techstars Backed Company providing all-in-one money management for creators, influencers & solopreneurs.

Felix Payment Systems

Felix Payment Systems, led by Kim Fleury and Owen Newport, focuses on business transactions using cloud technology. They are indeed the changing face of the FinTech, Payments, Software industry.

Clearly Payments

Clearly Payments, curated by Kalle Radage, is an award-winning payment and credit card processor in Canada excelling in the Credit Cards, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Payments, Payments, Point of Sale, Transaction Processing industry.


Qase brought to life by Dan Zollmann, Eric Finkel, Thomas Spraggs, is a SaaS platform that streamlines the flow of legal referrals, data, and payments, gaining prominence in the Legal Tech, Payments, SaaS field.


Buyer is a negotiation-as-a-service platform that claims to save its clients on big-ticket purchases, such as annual software contracts leaving its mark in the Information Services, Payments, Software industry.


TapIn, conceptualized by Anson Ni, provides a digital platform and solutions for delivery, payment, and retail for B2B, B2C, and local businesses.


ChainCard, born from the brain of Maz Ahmadi, is a cryptocurrency wallet with a debit card. It allows users to use their cryptocurrency just like cash for everyday items.

Cena venue

Cena, a creation of Mychael Dunn, helps venue attendees get anything they order without leaving their seat – remarkable contribution to the E-Commerce, Mobile Payments industry.

Benji Pays

Benji Pays integrates and automates credit card payment gateways, and many other accounts receivable-related activities for businesses. It offers clear-cut solutions in the Accounting, Information Technology, Payments industry.

RAYL Innovations

RAYL Innovations is a merchant payment platform revolutionizing the Banking, Commercial, Customer Service, Financial Services, Payments sector.

These innovative startups are truly shaking up the payments landscape, marking British Columbia as the leading fintech hub. From seamless global transactions to advanced authentication methods- these startups are reimagining payments in their unique ways, pushing the boundaries of traditional transaction methods and ushering in the era of digital payments.

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