Which Ontario Online Portals Are Revolutionizing Canada’s Startup Landscape?

Canada is globally recognized as one of the leading countries fostering the growth of innovative technologies and startups. Notably, Ontario, a province that is economically advanced and well-equipped with the technological resources incubates some of the most impactful startups in North America. Today, we are bringing to you an exclusive list of the most interesting Online Portals startups in Ontario that are redefining how we live and work.

These companies, though in the early stages of operation, have shown an exceptional level of innovation, promise, and impact in their respective sectors, contributing significantly to the development of the online portal industry. With their innovative services catering to various fields like Education, Entertainment, E-Commerce, and much more, these Ontario-based startups are the ones to watch.

Let’s get to know these startups a little better and see how they are making a mark in the online landscape. We will look at their offerings, the industries they operate in, and the brilliant minds behind these innovative ideas; aka the founders.

Odyssey Interactive

Odyssey Interactive, founded by David Capurro, Dax Andrus, and Eric Lawless, is a Canadian game development company within the Online Portals industry. This startup has made its mark in the video games industry due to its innovative approach to virtualization.

Liquid MarketPlace

A place for buying and selling of high-valued collectibles, including Pokémon and sports cards is what Liquid MarketPlace offers. This E-Commerce Online Portals startup is making valuable collectibles trading accessible and seamless online.


GrynCar transforms the experience of buying and selling used cars by offering an online platform for the same. The startup operates in the Automotive, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, and Online Portals sectors.

Earth Suds

Earth Suds, founded by Marissa Vettoretti, offers water-saving products that are convenient for customers to use. They operate within the Online Portals, Product Management, and Shopping industries.


Couply, founded by Denesh Raymond and Tim Johnson, is an app providing personalized date ideas, relationship advice, and gift suggestions based on personality science. It operates within the Online Portals and Social Network industries.


Pawzy, a startup founded by Kerri Lynn McAllister, connects pet parents to vet-approved healthcare advice and services. They operate within the Health Care, Online Portals, Pet, and Veterinary industries.


The curriculum-based online platform Arlinear provides automated grading, quiz building, and classroom management tools helpful for teachers. The startup is within the Education, Online Portals, and Software industries.


LAUNCH Waterloo is an organization that creates STEAM-powered programming for children. They operate within the Education, Online Portals, and Web Development industries.

BeHuman Communications

Offering a platform that organizes virtual events to share portfolios, resumes, products, and services live, BeHuman Communications operates within the Event Management, Events, Online Portals, and Video industries.


PlusVirtual is a unified e-pharmacy platform operating within the Internet, Mobile Apps, Nutraceutical, Online Portals, and Pharmaceutical industries.


Providing a furniture marketplace for buyers, Origyns is a startup operating within the E-Commerce, Furniture, Marketplace, and Online Portals industries. Kartik Sharma is one of the founders.


An intelligent legal research platform that offers unprecedented research efficiency, VisionClerk operates within the Information Services, Information Technology, Legal, Legal Tech, and Online Portals industries.


Gigli, founded by Jake Moodie, is an online portal connecting students with jobs and helping communities connect with students for household tasks. It operates within the Communities, Human Resources, and Online Portals industries.

Long Term Loans

Long Term Loans is an online portal that aids in applying for long-term installment loans with no credit check. The startup operates within the Credit, Financial Services, Lending, and Online Portals industries.

Pandemic AI

The startup Pandemic AI provides an interactive map, live updates, timeline, charts, and news related to the coronavirus. The startup operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Database, News, and Online Portals industries.

These innovative startups based in Ontario are not just changing the Online Portals industry but also making our lives easier and more convenient by their offerings. Stay tuned to this space for more interesting startup stories from Canada.

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