Who Are Ontario’s Top Natural Language Processing Startups in 2023?

Ontario, Canada is rapidly becoming a global hotspot for groundbreaking tech startups. One area where technology, creativity, and ambition are converging is in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP, a blend of computer science and linguistics, is responsible for driving innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and much more. This article throws the spotlight on some exciting NLP startups based in Ontario, showcasing their unique offerings and contributions to various industries.

NLP startups in Ontario distinguish themselves by their diverse applications and innovative use of this ground-breaking technology. Their operations cut across various industries, including artificial intelligence, cloud data services, document management, marketing automation, social entrepreneurship, and many others. Each offering unique solutions that make use of NLP to simplify and optimize processes, automate tasks, or provide new and crucial insights.

This roundup of 15 Ontario-based NLP startups will immerse you in the details of each company—their descriptions, the founders, and their respective industries. So if you’re interested in the state of NLP in Ontario’s tech industry or are just looking to keep track of the players in this trending field, read on. We’ve compiled descriptions and details about each startup, including their websites where you can get more in-depth information directly.


Cohere is a platform that opens up NLP to developers and businesses, powered by the latest generation of language models. Its founders—Aidan Gomez, Ivan Zhang, and Nick Frosst—have positioned Cohere at the cutting edge of AI, NLP, and software development.

Private AI

Private AI focuses on privacy, developing privacy-preserving machine learning and natural language processing tools to achieve reliable privacy and GDPR compliance. Thanks are due to founders Gerald Penn, Patricia Thaine, and Pieter Luitjens for their contribution to AI, cloud services, cybersecurity, and much more.


At Zuva, simplicity is key. This startup, founded by Noah Waisberg, offers dead-simple, embeddable contract AI that delivers contract intelligence to your product experience.

Syntax IQ

Syntax IQ, co-founded by Paul Wynter, is a software company that assists retailers in organizing and generating their content, using a blend of computer vision, marketing automation, NLP, and software.


PigeonLine—created by Audrey Ooi, Cody Dodd, and Jae-Yong Lee—aims to save your time by automating report building while respecting your data privacy.

Ample Labs

Ample Labs is an AI-powered social enterprise using AI and NLP to help cities prevent homelessness. Its founder, CG Chen, has indeed found a noble use for NLP.

PremiseHQ SaaS Inc

Rafi Dowla, the founder of PremiseHQ, has taken NLP into the realm of adaptive workflows. This SaaS company allows for dynamic data ingestion and integration to deploy Adaptive and/or conversational workflows.


Under the leadership of Bruno Bitter and Michael Kriz, Blackbird.io is building ambitious new automation processes for the localization industry.


Glish founders Ben Constanty and Jasmine Johal deliver modern English educational services online. From courses to study abroad programs, they’re radically transforming language learning with NLP.


LegalEdison uses AI to summarize case law and create citations. This innovative legal tech startup, founded by Aniket Bhatt, is proof that NLP has wide and varied applications.


Assister.Ai offers developer tools for conversational AI assistants. A unique startup spearheaded by Hamidreza Mahyar, Keyvan M. Sadeghi, and Sasan Ahmadi Asl, working at the intersection of AI, developer tools, and NLP.

AHA Platform Inc

Under founder Krishna Vedala’s leadership, AHA Platform Inc quite simply offers the missing IaaS platform for educators, athletic coaches and military generals. A unique startup with roots in edtech, education, gamificacion, and NLP.

Key Labs

Key Labs, led by Amin Rezapour, is transforming the way we interact with machines by developing solutions anchored in AI, machine learning, and NLP.


Essen is making news consumption smarter and faster. Leveraging AI, browser extensions, machine learning, mobile applications, NLP, and web applications, Essen aims to revolutionize the way we absorb news.

Alive Mobile

Alive Mobile is a mobile app developer making strides in NLP. Alive Mobile is showing just how powerful mobile apps can become when infused with the capabilities of NLP.

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