Quebec’s Fashion Startups Revolutionizing the Industry: Who Are They?

Canada is home to a vibrant ecosystem of startups, many of them making waves in a variety of industries. In Quebec, the fashion scene is particularly exciting, with many fresh brands coming to life, intent on shaking up the status quo. From timeless jewelry to AI-powered fashion recommendations, these fashion startups offer a diverse range of products and services. As they pave their way to success, these endearing brands are reinventing the fashion wheel, supporting sustainability, encouraging self-expression, and transforming the way consumers shop.

While each of these brands is different, they all share a common thread: a passion for innovation and a desire to make a significant impact. They dare to think differently, aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, and resilience in the face of challenges. These sixteen startups represent not only the immense talent and creativity prevalent in Quebec, but also an undying spirit of entrepreneurship.

Join us as we delve into the world of Quebec’s fashion startups and take a closer look at the brilliance they have to offer.


Founded by Chad Sarrouf, Ege Karabuk, and Jacob Sytner, Tote is an AI-powered mobile apparel marketplace that aims to simplify shopping across numerous brands.

TripleOne Inc

With the visionary James William Awad at the helm, TripleOne Inc adheres to a Decentralized Concept™ and showcases tangible innovation across industries including Fashion and Beauty.


Popular for its eco-friendly solar-powered timepieces, SOLIOS believes in sales and design that minimizes the carbon footprint while maximizing sophistication.

Parmi Lifewear

Co-founded by Maxime Boissonneault, Parmi Lifewear specializes in durable outdoor essentials designed for adults and kids who love an ultimate outdoor experience.

Bijoux Medusa

Founder Julien Duguay spearheads Bijoux Medusa, an e-commerce platform selling quality jewelry.


Founded by Miryam Pinsonneault, Resold is a luxury fashion marketplace for preowned items, offering an eco-friendly avenue to high-end fashion.

CapTen Hats

CapTen Hats is a producer and seller of fashionable and comfortable caps that make a statement.

KOOL Apparel

Samuel Choquette, Etienne Penelle, and Juan Rincon founded KOOL Apparel, a clothing and accessories brand that advocates for mental health awareness.

Vlyy AI Inc.

Vlyy AI Inc. uses Artificial Intelligence to provide personalized fashion recommendations based on color, style and design.


Founded by Robert Marzin, Manmade is an apparel brand engaging in manufacturing and distribution of high-quality undergarments and casual wear.

BNorth Domicile

With an emphasis on exquisite design and quality, Beverly Shwarzer’s BNorth Domicile supplies a variety of home accessories, clothing, and more.

D&M Brands

Justin Bastarache and Louis-Philippe Boisvert’s D&M Brands is a platform dedicated to promoting independent clothing brands.

Atypic Equipment

Atypic Equipment, co-founded by Antoine Bolduc, produces sporting goods and outdoor clothing like sweaters, insulated jackets, and coats that are designed to last.

One Bone

One Bone is a fashion brand with a focus on manufacturing and retail of apparel products that cater to a diverse cliente.

Angie Wood Creations Inc.

Known for their unique wooden fashion accessories like watches, bow-ties, and sunglasses, Angie Wood Creations Inc. blends nature and style.

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