Which Quebec Enterprise Startups Are Revolutionizing Canada’s Tech Industry?

As a bustling hub of innovation, Quebec, Canada, is home to a variety of promising enterprise startups. These companies are leveraging technology to bring about advancements in various industries such as cyber security, cryptocurrency, quantum computing, sustainability, and much more. They are not only contributing to Canada’s digital economy but are also shaping the future of global businesses. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 exciting enterprise startups from Quebec that are making an impact.

Each startup exhibits unique solutions, ranging from safeguarding sensitive data, providing quantum analog computing, creating comprehensive platforms for environmental data management, to developing collaborative applications for businesses and communities. The powerhouse of talent behind these innovations bring forth industry expertise, dedication, and a forward-thinking approach that is a testament to Quebec’s thriving startup ecosystem.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into understanding more about these startups, their mission, the industry they serve, and the genius minds behind these creations.


Qohash, founded by Dany Grimard and Jean Le Bouthillier, is a company focused on safeguarding the world’s most sensitive data. By using advanced technologies, they track, find, and secure data, offering services in compliance, cyber security, enterprise software, and security.


Created by Eric Lemieux and Martin Leclair, Vezgo is a Crypto SaaS API that simplifies the integration process of every cryptocurrency. It’s a one-stop solution for crypto companies to onboard Web3 users with ease. The platform serves the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, IT, SaaS, and Software industries.

infinityQ Technology

infinityQ Technology, founded by Aurélie Hélouis and Kristina Kapanova, PhD, offers quantum analog computing solutions. Their services are targeted towards Enterprise Applications, Hardware, and Quantum Computing sectors.


Founded by Fred Melanson, Bliinx forms a robust platform for PLG companies to enhance their sales velocity. It caters to the needs of B2B, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Software, IT, Project Management, Sales Automation, and Software sectors.


Novisto is a SaaS platform designed for the management, reporting, and data of environment, social, governance. Charles Assaf, Edouard Clement, and Marian Borca are the brains behind this startup, providing solutions in the Enterprise Software, SaaS, Software, and Sustainability space.


Founders Alexandre Champoux, Gabriel Croteau, and Samuel Croteau launched Civalgo with the aim to uplift operational productivity in operations-driven specialty contractors. It’s an AI-enabled SAAS platform for the Construction and Enterprise Software sectors.

Cobalt Intelligence

Cobalt Intelligence, created by Jean-François Plante, is a collaborative app driving safety in businesses and communities. The platform plays an instrumental role in Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, IT, Mobile, and Security.

B2B Quotes

Founded by Alexandre Vanier and Mathieu Plante, B2B Quotes is an easily managed Marketplace for businesses seeking relevant service providers. The startup operates in the Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, ERP, Marketplace, Professional Services, and Web Development sectors.

Shapeshift 3D

Shapeshift 3D is a cutting-edge platform developed by Jonathan Borduas for autonomous custom-fitting personalization. Catering to industries such as 3D Printing, 3D Technology, AI, CAD, Enterprise Software, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Personalization, SaaS, and Sporting Goods, this startup offers a range of innovative solutions.

Latence Technologies Inc.

Latence Technologies Inc., created by Benoit Gendron, assists mobile operators in selling latency-optimized 5G connectivity to the industrial sector through its SAAS analytics solution. It serves the Enterprise Software, SaaS, Subscription Service, and Telecommunications industries.


Founded by Alex Wulkan and Ari Brojde, Estateably is a platform that streamlines the estate settlement process while maintaining compliance. The startup aids industries like Blockchain, Enterprise Software, IT, SaaS, and Software.


Founded by Benjamin Chalier, FoodRelay is a novel concept in the food and beverage space, offering homemade food production and delivery services. The business also leverages enterprise software and personalization to cater to custom needs.

Valital Technologies

Valital Technologies, developed by Alex Aoun, Antoine Riachi, and John Edde, is designed to help organizations act swiftly with alerts on adverse online media related to their stakeholders. This specialized AI-driven solution is crucial for the Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, and IT sectors.

ERP Success Partners

ERP Success Partners is a consulting and technology company offering solutions in Cloud Infrastructure, CRM, ERP, and IT.


Created by Jonathan Léveillé, Berrycast is a lightweight software for seamless screen casting. Operating in the Enterprise Software, Messaging, Software, Video, and Video Conferencing sectors, this startup is essential for the modern digital workspace.

In conclusion, the Quebec startup ecosystem is blooming with innovation, solving unique challenges, and contributing significantly to the global startup landscape. Keep these names in mind – they’re likely to be the game-changers of tomorrow!

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