Which Quebec Electronics Startups are Influencing Canada’s Tech Industry in 2023?

Today’s article is all about Canadian innovation, as we spotlight some of the most exciting startups in the province of Quebec. Concentrating on the electronics industry, these companies are at the forefront of technological advancements, from AI developments to urban air mobility. Dive in to discover 15 remarkable Canadian startups making waves in the electronics world.

These startups are not just technologically impressive – they’re also diverse in their fields of focus. Covering sectors like cannabis, audio, health care, electric vehicles, water purification, and more, these emerging companies underscore how technology has truly diffused into every facet of life and industry. Feast your eyes on the future, unfolding right now in Quebec.

Earnings accolades for their innovation, potential, and realisation, these startups serve as a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Quebec. Let’s get to know them a little better.


Co-founder Mladen Barbaric unveils Airgraft, a clean vaporization technology company that’s venturing into the crossroads of the cannabis, consumer electronics, and wellness industries. Distinctively clean subscriptions are available for users seeking a healthier vape experience.


Naeem Komeilipoor is the brain behind AAVAA’s bionic ear. This revolutionary device reduces noise and provides hearing impairment support, straddling multiple sectors: audio, consumer electronics, health care, human computer interaction, and neuroscience.

OmniPly Technology

OmniPly Technology, spearheaded by Humaira Taz and Karim Somani, enables the creation of thin film electronic devices on flexible substrates. As pioneers in the electronics and manufacturing industry, OmniPly is shaping the future of versatile, adaptable tech.


Volinergy, founded by Antoine Gaillardetz and Stefania Duta, specialises in developing advanced battery solutions to enhance the performance and safety of electric vehicles. Having a significant imprint in numerous industries, Volinergy is shaping the future of EV tech.


TRAQC, helmed by Benjamin Dringoli, Louis-Philip Beliveau, and Mariia Zhuldybina, is steadfast in offering quality control in the printed electronics industry. This startup is aiding a plethora of sectors, from aerospace and manufacturing to solar technology.

TripleOne Inc

James William Awad’s TripleOne Inc champions decentralization across diverse industries such as beauty, fitness, telecommunications, and more. This startup’s multidisciplinary approach sets it apart in the electronics ecosystem.

Trunexa Inc.

Trunexa Inc. distinguishes itself by developing embedded systems, IoT, and custom electronics. This startup is a rising star in the field of electronics, information technology, and manufacturing.


Co-founders Clément Bouland and Marc Schaal’s Bello is revolutionizing water consumption. Their innovative product allows users to create their customized, healthy water at home, contributing to clean tech and consumer electronics industries.

Mep Technologies

Mep Technologies from Laval specializes in electronic design automation and electrical distribution, making a significant contribution to the electronics industry.

Aarish Technologies

Founded by Pavel Sinha, Aarish Technologies aims to revolutionize AI with its high-performance, low-power, and cost-effective AI accelerators. This startup is making ripples in the fields of artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, machine learning, and software.


MTL COOL designs and manufactures self-contained refrigerated displays for retailers and CPG brands. This startup crosses boundaries between consumer electronics, manufacturing, and wholesale.


Co-founded by Graeme Smecher and Joshua Montgomery, t0.technology focuses on deep tech instrumentation for superconducting sensors, quantum computing, and satellite observatories, adding an exciting dimension to the electronics industry.


Richard G. Desaulniers introduces VE2DX, an electronics appliances company, catering specifically to the radio community with innovative products like meters and breakout boxes.


Devocean’s mission is to protect marine ecosystems and improve the working conditions of fisherman. Although the founders are unknown, their contribution to the electronics industry cannot be understated.


Edouard FUGIER leads HELIQUARKS, a startup aspiring to develop the first Canadian 100% electric aircraft for Urban Air Mobility, also known as eVTOL. This venture is a trailblazer in the electronics and manufacturing industry.

These startups embody the innovation and potential of Quebec’s electronics industry. They are role models not just for Canadian entrepreneurs, but for the global market. Keep an eye on the evolution of these startups as they complete the tech landscape of tomorrow.

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