What Are the Most Influential Quebec-Based Cryptocurrency Startups in 2023?

Quebec is not only known for its rich history and cultural diversity but has also emerged as a hub for cryptocurrency startups. With its friendly regulatory environment and high-quality talent pool, the province has attracted many blockchain entrepreneurs. Here, we take a look at the top 15 cryptocurrency startups from Quebec, Canada, showcasing their innovations and contributions to the blockchain industry.

These startups are reshaping industries with their cutting-edge software solutions and innovative business models. They’re leveraging the power of blockchain technology to drive transparency, security, and efficiency in various sectors, including finance, gaming, and e-commerce.

From digital asset trading platforms to blockchain-based rideshare apps to loyalty programs, these Quebec-based cryptocurrency startups are leveraging the power of blockchain and decentralized finance to bring about a new era of innovation and growth in the region’s tech ecosystem.

Rare Circles

A startup founded by Yifeng Song, Rare Circles aims to facilitate the business of NFTs. They allow businesses to concentrate on developing their communities by handling intricate operational aspects for them. The startup operates in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sector.


Founded by Eric Lemieux and Martin Leclair, Vezgo is a Crypto SAAS API that assists crypto companies onboard Web3 users faster and more easily. Essentially, it’s a single API for all crypto integrations, simplifying the integration process.


Developed by Pascal Leblanc, Mantle provides blockchain development Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. These products enable businesses to operate with full security and compliance with regulatory requirements. They cater to various industries, including CRM, Cryptocurrency, Information Technology, and Software.


Founded by Louis Cleroux, Timechain offers a DeFi DEX ecosystem across BSC and ETH, which provides the best swap rates and liquidity facilitated by their algorithms.


Insured digital asset custodian KNØX assists institutions in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. The company was co-founded by Alex Daskalov, Alexandra Lutchman, and Ari Ramdial.


MetaSing is a web3 lifestyle platform combining music and crypto. It incorporates elements of music-fi and game-fi, creating an immersive environment for artists and their fans.


Founded by Jason Dominique, Embr focuses on igniting Web3-enabled projects. They are dedicated to supporting blockchain startups and fintech innovations.


Co-founded by Danae Arend, Diego Parra, and Julian McCarthy, Ludex enables video game developers to manage on-chain token transactions without requiring any extensive blockchain experience.


Coinmiles is an application that rewards users with Bitcoin for shopping online or in-store at over 2,000 different brands. Co-founded by Dave Pouliot, Coinmiles seeks to revolutionize the way we look at loyalty programs.


Eva is the first blockchain-based ride-share and delivery platform boasting a decentralized business model. They aim to transform the way we view ride-sharing and last-mile deliveries.


Co-founded by Mutaz Majdoub, GGEZ1 is a GameFi deals marketplace providing an asset-backed cryptocurrency rewards token called GGEZ Rewards. They have integrated approaches from digital marketing, fintech, and gaming to create their platform.

INCIA Digital

INCIA Digital was founded by Joey D-Jet and seeks to assist financial institutions in offering loans against crypto assets, hence revolutionizing conventional lending practices.

Crypto Insider

Crypto Insider is a news publication dedicated to cryptocurrency development and consultancy. They provide up-to-date news, market analysis, and expert interviews in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields.


Founded by Paul Beltekas, Myriade is a crypto asset service company providing mining services. The company leverages the power of blockchain to bring new ways of earning to the cryptocurrency community.

Incubella Technologies

Last but not least, Incubella Technologies offers services related to marketing, incubation, and Web3. They foster innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry by assisting startups in the development and marketing of their concepts.

In conclusion, the Quebec crypto scene is vibrant with startups revolutionizing various industries. Whether it’s creating efficient payment systems, offering digital asset protection, or facilitating decentralized finance, these startups are paving the way for a future where blockchain and crypto are prevalent. Their innovations are not only helping businesses to grow but also improving the social-economic landscape of Quebec and Canada at large.

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